IW4 Credits

IW4 Credits
Version: 1.0 By: Zomboy108

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This is my first ever map I am releasing to the public. A lot of tears were shed making this, but it is finally done! This map is based off of a inaccessable devmap from Modern Warfare 2, then expanded upon and given the zombies treatment

HarryBO21 Perks
No Perk Limit
World at War weapons
Buyable ending
Not much else actually. I plan on doing bigger and better maps in the future, but I think this is a good starting point for making this an actual hobby

Harry BO21 for the perks
Infinity Ward for the map
Treyarch for the mod tools
UGX for the tutorials
Sniperbolt for the prefabs
Radimax and Phil81334 for the scripting help (I cannot thank you enough!)
Again, this is my first maps ever actually released to the public. Any criticism or feedback is more than welcome either in this thread, or over at the UGX discord! Hope you guys enjoy <3

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