Hashike (The Barge)

Hashike (The Barge)
By: My_Ziplock_Lover

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In a world where a barge holds the deadliest secret imaginable, Spilling corpses and bodies into the depths below.
The dead rise and begin an all out assault against a heavily fortified bunker.
Set in a moist hellscape carved from long fought battles, Can you survive the undead trash?

Or will you suffer to sink below the surface and meet your watery ends?

Thanks To The Following Creators For All Their Amazing Work!!!

-Harrybo21 -Yen466 -TomBMX
-Jbird632 -Lilrifa -AllModz
-IceGrenade -Easyskanka
-Symbo -Madgaz
-wardogsk93 -Will Luffey
-logical -ProRevenge
-TheSkyeLord -Zeroy
-ill-Fated -StevieWonder87
-Thomas Cat -BluntStuffy
-raptroes -RedSpace200
-HitmanVere -thezombieproject
-Blak -Smasher248
-Scobalula -JiffyNoodles
-MadKixs -MZSlayer
-Isaac.co -AndyWhelen
-GCPeinhardt -Collie
-Erthrock -HitmanVere
-MotoLegacy -ProGamerzFTW
-DTZxPorter -GerardS0406
-booris -PCModder
-Mike Pence -IperBreach

And Huge Thanks To The Zombie Community For Being Awesome!



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