Pool Day

Pool Day
By: mindmirror

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A place, where players from a parallel universe used to match each other a long time ago. In our world, the zombies have overrun this place. How long can you survive?

Hello and welcome to my next map! This was a side project, while working on the next big map: A remake of fy_pool_day from CS 1.6.
This map features:

-MW3 Weapons
-MWR Viewhands
-A music easteregg (If you find it in the first 10 mins of gameplay, i would be impressed!)
-No perk limit
-Original perk shaders
-Zombie health bar
-White Zombie Eyes

Good luck and have fun!

-Symbo (Health bar)
-TheSkyelord (MW3 Weapons)
-MotoLegacy (WaW Perk Shaders)
-Fusorf (WaW Powerup Shaders)
-Mike Pence (Musik Easteregg)
-Frost Iceforge (Zombie Eyes)
-Scobalula (Greyhound Exporting tools)



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