Quality of Life Zombies Mod 2.0

Quality of Life Zombies Mod 2.0
By: DuhJudge

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This mod is essentially a Vanilla+ mod. I want your experience with it on each map you use it on to feel as close as possible to the way that map was intended to play. With that in mind, my mod aims to add small changes that make the gameplay smoother or more player-friendly.

I also want this mod to work on as many maps as possible, so map-specific changes will most likely not be considered. Suggestions that largely affect gameplay will not be considered, as these go against my mission statement for the mod. Suggestions that don’t heavily influence gameplay will¬†definitely¬†be taken into consideration and possibly added.

Thank you for reading!


  • Increased drop limit to 6 per round (up from the standard 4 per round).
  • Host can Pause the game for all players on Co-Op (Use the Aim and Melee buttons to pause).
  • Increases perk limit to 50 perks (seemingly no perk limit for most maps).
  • Grants the BO3 super easter egg reward on custom maps and stock maps (RK5 and max ammo).
  • Max Ammo refills current magazine similarly to Black Ops 4 and Cold War. Also gives downed players ammo upon revival.
  • Widows Wine provides resistance to explosives damage, similar to PHD Flopper.
  • Stamin-Up provides fall damage immunity, as it does in Cold War.
  • ProRevenge’s custom Ray Gun rework. Makes the Ray Gun more nostalgic in both power, animations, the model itself, and the overall feel of the weapon. I modified this further to make the Ray Gun work into the later rounds, similar to Cold War.
  • Zombie counter that tells you how many zombies are left in the round.
  • “Restart Level” option on the pause menu, a feature present in Black Ops 1.
  • Black Ops 4 / Cold War Carpenters – Carpenter power ups will give the player a new shield.
  • Mule Kick Weapon identifier (green text, look in the bottom right corner of the screen) that lets you know when you’re holding your third weapon. This is the weapon you’ll lose if you go down.


Important Links:

Incompatible Maps Thread
Use Weapon Kits and Gobblegum with ANY Custom Map/Mod
REPORT BUGS HERE! Bug Report and Known Issues Thread


Original Version (DISCONTINUED)

This mod is a splinter from my main QOL Zombies Mod, linked here. If you want to use the BO4 carpenters feature, which only works on SOME custom maps as well as the main BO3 DLC maps, please click below.

Link to Original Version

Please note this mod may receive less attention than the main version, and it is possible I will forget about this version completely. I am releasing this version so it’s more broadly usable on customs. It is also possible that this mod may become the main version in the future, and the old version may be discontinued.


Credits for this version are the same as the other mod, and are posted here.



  • CabCon Modding:¬†GSC Scripting tutorial and starter file and ModMenu base used for Co-Op pause screen
  • JBird:¬†Scripting tutorials on YouTube
  • IceGrenade:¬†Scripting tutorials on YouTube
  • UGX Forums:¬†Various helpful forum threads on GSC scripting
  • Abnormal202:¬†ModMe forum user who showed how to modify the Max Ammo script
  • Treyarch and Activision:¬†Access to Mod Tools and shared GSC files
  • ModMe:¬†Multiple helpful threads on GSC scripting in general
  • Spiki:¬†Lots of help on the ModMe forums in getting BO4 carpenters working
  • FrostIceforge:¬†BO4 carpenters public release
  • PROxFTW:¬†PHD Flopper scripts
  • ProRevenge:¬†Custom Ray Gun release
    DTZxPorter – Wraith and Kronos
    Azsry – Helped with Kronos, Tutorial for PAP camo
    Treyarch – The base assets for the Ray Gun
  • KillJoyYT:¬†ModMe forums post that included the code for a working Zombie Counter.
  • DuaLVII:¬†Drag and drop zombie counter that counts down from the total zombies per round.
  • The D3V Team (DTZxPorter, SE2Dev, Nukem):¬†L3akmod for ModTools
  • Erthrock:¬†ModMe wiki page for adding the “Restart Level” button using LUA
  • GCPeinhardt:¬†Public release of his PHD Flopper mod
    HarryBO21 – Helped with scripting, perk fx
    Erthrock – Shader
    MotoLegacy – Shader
    Scobalula – Greyhound, HydraX
    DTZxPorter – LUA help
    Treyarch – Original assets and scripts
  • Symbo:¬†BO3 Script Dump used for research
  • Kingslayer Kyle:¬†Countless questions answered via Discord
  • HarryBO21:¬†Countless questions answered via Discord
  • All of the T7MODS guys for both the awesome website and Discord server
  • HarryBO21:¬†HB21’s Perk pack: Research for PHD Flopper and Mule Kick
    Will Luffey
    Frost Iceforge
    Treyarch and Activision


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