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– BO4 / BO3 Weapons
– BO4 Ray Gun Mark ll
– BO4 Ray Gun
– BO4 Hitmarkers
– Music Easter Egg (Orion)
– Avogadro Mini-Boss
– Custom Pack-a-Punch camo
– Pack-a-Punch Quest
– Zombies Health Cap at Round 50

Author’s Note:

To be clear with anyone reading this note, this is a Work-In-Progress map. The aspects I’m planning to improve include the visual fidelity, lighting, and sounds. Even with the improvements that need to be made, I’ve decided to release this map anyway because I personally believe the gameplay aspect is complete. My goal for this map was to create my own creative interpretation of the BO2 zombies diner survival map that was never released. This makes it a classic zombie-killing experience with a few atypical additions to create more interest in the gameplay.


Zombie115201 – Level Design / Exporting Xmodels / Weapon Adjustments


Ultra – PaP Quest Scripting / Galvaknuckles Port
Tom Crowley – BO2 iPak Exporter
Scobalula – Greyhound
Ardivee – Ambient Rooms
The Black Death – HUD Reticle Pack
VerK0 – PBR textures / Lighting Tutorials
Xela – Verruckt Xmodel Pack / LUT
robit – BO4 Hitmarkers / Perk Shaders / Powerup Icons
Clix – BO4 Hitmarkers / Victis Chronicles Stylized Icons
Zeroy – WW2 Xmodel Packs
logical – All BO3 Zombie Map Sounds
Symbo – Explosive Zombies
HarryBO21 – Explosive Zombies / FX Pack / Rumble Pack
Syhnex – Tranzit Shield
D3V Team – L3akMod
TheSkyeLord – Modified BO4 Weapon Ports
Kingslayer Kyle – Modified BO3 DLC Weapons / GK Timer
Steviewonder87 – BO4 Ray Gun Mark ll Port
JBird632 – Tutorials / Music Easter Egg Script / Traverals
Dick_Nixon – Avogadro Mini-Boss
Erthrock – Tutorials / Moon Zombies
OffTheGrid – Modified BO4 Ray Gun
Treyarch – Thank you for all your amazing games and for giving us modders to release custom maps and mods to BO3
Activision – For publishing TreyarchInfinity Ward, and Sledgehammer games
Brian Tuey / Scott Eckert – Orion
Icegrenade – Tutorials
Uptownpapi25 – Tutorials
Program115 – Tutorials
UGO aka Wakka – Tutorials
Madgaz – Tutorials / BO3 DLC Asset Packs
Wild – OG Round Change Sounds / Advanced Template
Pepergogo – Modified BO4 announcer
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ – BO4 Max Ammo Script
Wafflez – Zombie Chronicles Sound Pack
ConvictioNDR – Disabled Zombie Collision with other Zombies Script
GCPeinhardt – Wonder Weapon FXs
Planet – BO4 Stylized Perk Bottles
eMoX_MaNgA – Victis Crew
Thomascat – Victis Crew Joints Fix
Vertasea – Mystery Boxes
Humphrey – Broken Arrow Perk Bottle Glass / PHD Flopper Xmodel
Ronan_M – Broken Earth Round Number Font

Patch Notes:

– Adjusted Lighting
– Fixed the Mystery Box Buy Trigger
– Improved Stability
– Improved Climbing the Hatch in the Diner
– Changed the Zombies Eye Color to Blue
– Changed the Voice Announcer to Richtofen
– Slightly increased the Galil’s Fire Rate

Next Patch:

– Victis Crew Dialogue
– Upscaled BO2 Perk and Powerup Shaders
– New Loading Screen
– Removed Gobblegum Pack
– Generator Hint String Revised
– Reduced Ray Gun Splash Damage to Player
– Reduced PaP Camo Noise
– Fixed a Glitch near the Hatch
– and more


There’s currently a bug in the map where wallbuys cost 0$ and custom box weapons don’t work. This bug may appear when you use map_restart, which is why the standard BO3 zombie weapons appear on the map. To fix this issue, input map_restart until you see the wallbuys working or once the box shows BO4 / BO3 DLC weapons.



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