Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy's
By: Deadshot.mp4

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This is a full-fledged FNAF 1 remake for zombies


This was made as a joke, but I went a little on the professional side to make it look good and be playable. I hope you enjoy this little survival map!

Re-creation of the FNAF 1 location, tried my best to keep it close to the source material while also making it a playable and fun map. Has many basic perks on it with ww2 guns (along with raygun, raygun mk3, wunderwaffe, and thundergun). Ambient sounds, lighting, and ambient detailing was my priority for this map in making it reflect the original horror-esc theme of FNAF 1 (the scariest one in my opinion)

A buyable ending does exist for those of you out there who love spending money to kill yourself.

Living Tombstone songs not owned by me, map would feel incomplete without their touch. Music box has a very iffy audio-area, so it shouldn’t be always triggered if you don’t want it in a video or something.

FNAF has been a key aspect in my life, and as the fanbase has been going quite on the deepend for years, I still respect and love the franchise for it’s impact on my childhood. Scott Cawthon, the creator, is a genius and made a very interesting (yet scary) world for these robots. Some may see it as cringe, but this is a small loveletter to both my childhood and the franchise as a whole. I hope you enjoy this, I tried my very best to capture the original aesthetic FNAF is known for!

Update 1

Let there be light

Update 1.1

Let points be fixed

Update 1.2

Tweak update for various reasons

Update 1.3

– Fixed Pack a Punch

– Fixed Music Box(ish)

-Fixed Zombie stage spawns

-Fixed window hitbox

-Fixed Kitchen barrier

-Changed buyable ending to be funny

Update 1.4

-Changed almost all pack a punch variants to have altered modes such as burst, semi, auto.

-Packed variants have varying ammo amounts

-Almost every packed gun has a custom variant in terms of it’s name and abilities

-More uniqueness to packed guns

-Buyable ending is now way more affordable [198,700 –> 61,987]


-Thanks to SkyeWeaponPorts for the WW2 gun models, you and your team work wonders!

-Thanks to Erthrock for the Buried zombies!

-Thanks to Uptownpapi25 for his amazing tutorials!

-Thanks to IceGrenade for his help and guidance!

-Thanks to the Living Tombstone for their amazing works of music!

-Thanks to Scott Cawthon for being the imagineer he is!

(If I forgot a credit, let me know. If I used something you made, you deserve all the credit. Ya’ll make my dreams of mapping come true and I am very thankful for your generosity of sharing your work)

-Thank YOU for playing! I really hope you enjoyed/will enjoy the map. I hope it makes you laugh but also spooks you a bit, have fun!

Comment or message me about any glitches or bugs you find, I’ll try my best to fix them



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