Tunnel S-6

Tunnel S-6
By: Renegade

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Tunnel S-6

Spawn area of my cancelled map Baikonur. I will be posting more 1 Area Survival Maps like this with remaining areas that were finished from said map.

Known Bug: Some stock sounds won’t work on initial map start-up. To fix this, press the button and type in fast_restart .

Custom assets made for this map are not permitted to be used in any other custom map. Any that do will be reported, and any exceptions will be noted in this description.


  • Renegade_LD: Map Art / Design. Audio. Making the map functional. All that good stuff.
  • Lethal Peelz: Custom Mystery Box, Sks, Galil, Remington, Raygun Mk3.
  • Scobalula / Porter: Tools used to extract Bo3 / Bo4 assets.
  • Raptroes: Max ammo fix.


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