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A remake of the Modern Warfare 2019 Gunfight map Speedball

What used to be an old paintball course has been turned into a weapons training location. In the midst of training, an outbreak occurs, with zombies climbing over the walls, making their way to rip you limb from limb; you must survive for as long as possible.

– MW2 / MW3 / MWR / MW2019 Weapons
– Buyable Ending
– Easy to learn layout
– Custom Dog Rounds
– Music EE
– Teleporting!
– 5 Buyable Perks
– Custom Sliding

Alphabetical Order:

Elfenlied – MW Renetti
HitmanVere – Teleporting Scripts
Ice Grenade – Scripts
Jason Hoisington – Power Up Voice Lines
Killer Potato – Grenade & Knife
Kingslayer Kyle – WW2 Zombies
Logical – HUD / Scripting / Lighting / Lots of general and extra help
MidgetBlaster – CW Zombie Models
MikeyRay – MW Textures / CW & MW4 Models / Lighting & Colouration / SSI & Lens Flare / Eye FX / Scripting / Doggos / Lua / Starting Pistol / Grenade / Rain & EE Sounds / Hitsounds / Lots of general help and design
PresAviss – Description Images
RllyyTwitchyy – General help and ideas
Scobalula – Character Models / Rain on Screen / Programs
Skye – MW2, MW3, MWR, MW2019 Weapons
Sphynx – BO4 Max Ammo Script
ThomasCat – Character Models
Vertasea – Ambient Audio / Probing / Stop Lights / Lots of general help
WeeWoo – Loadscreen, Preview, and Thumbnail Images / Audio help / Round Sounds / Model Ports / Announcer Setup / Lots of general help
Z1620 – General help and ideas
Zeroy – WW2 Models

If there is anyone who should be on this list that I missed please let me know and I will add you.





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