The Maze: Windows 98 Zombies

The Maze: Winodws 98 Zombies
By: Wyburn

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Following an OS update, the ultimate in antivirus technology (that’s you) has been sent to slay the hordes lurking behind the walls of… The Maze. Based on the classic Windows 3D Maze screensaver.

Sequel to Windows 95 Zombies, play here:

Microsoft – Everything Windows, including textures and starting music
CraftDAnimations – Perk Prefabs
UGX Mods – Timed Gameplay
ScaryPS – Game Over Music
ProRevenge – ZC Ray Gun Mark II port
Frost Iceforge – Zombie Eye Colors
Niknokinater – Fire Sales before teddy bear code
Whalers Vow – Ideas for the map, including Demonic Announcer


Stay tuned for more from this map, as well as others.



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