Mario Kart: Block Plaza

Mario Kart: Block Plaza
By: Zammi

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Hey guys itsa’me Reggie here, join me in the latest instalment of the Mario Kart franchise: Block Plaza.. Zombies!

This map is a recreation of the battle mode course “Block Plaza” from the beloved karting game “Mario Kart Wii”.

Only works with the English version of the game.

Difficulty: easy

Main Features

~ 34 imported weapons from COD: WW2, MW3, and BO2

~ 17 perks (16 solo)

~ Lots of mario music and sound effects

~ Custom textures and 8-bit art

~ Enemy variety + optional difficulty triggers

~ Shootable easter eggs

~ Fast transportation using mario pipes

~ Buyable ending

~ Soul collectors to unlock PaP and double tap (fill all 5 plants)

List of Mods and Tools (credits)

– BOCW Esports Characters (Blac)
– Jump pads (Redspace200)
– Origins shield (Sphynx)
– Perkaholic shootable trigs (NateSmithZombies)
– BOCW minigun (DamianoTBMz)
– Unlimited ammo power up (NSZ)
– Invincibility and temp pack power ups (ZoekMeMaar)
– Brutus (NSZ)
– Napalm Zombie (harrybo21)
– Kino and Buried zombies (Erthrocks)
– MOTD mystery box (harrybo21)
– WW2, MW3, BO2 weapons (TheSkyeLord)
– Zombie counter (DuaLVII)
– Custom mario font (fsuarez913)
– Banana colada, crusaders ale, bull ice blast, and madgaz moonshine perks (Madgaz and KaizoKuroof)
– Growing soul boxes (MakeCents)
– Greyhound, CoDimageUtil, CodMayaTools (Scobalula)
– Wraith, Export, SETools (DTZxPorter)
– BO1 and BO2 perks, various scripts (harrybo21)
– Dynamic Hitmarker (Killjoy)
– Buyable ending (NSZ)
– BO4 max ammo (Mathf4g)
– L3akMod (DTZxPorter, SE2Dev, Nukem)
– No perk limit (NSZ)
– Traversals (JBird632)
– Mario music and sound effects (Nintendo)
– Zombie runner trigger (MakeCents)
– Auto triggering sounds script (Icegrenade)
– Original assets (Treyarch)

Hope you enjoy the map!



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