Nacht Der Liebe!

Nacht Der Liebe!
Version: 1.3 By: sharpgamers4you

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Nacht Der Liebe,
Is only the First Episode of a huge story!

Survivors around the globe completes tasks in order to communicate, operate and finish up objectives.

In Episode I,

4 survivors are sent back to the place where it all began, Nacht Der Untoten (WaW Edition).
The four survivors have to find the radio in order to further communicate to finish up the task.
However, they aren’t alone!
Samantha tries to help the team, while Dr. Maxis tries to stop them.
The survivors must choose a side and complete the mission(s) after completing their primair task from their host (Samantha or Dr. Maxis) in order to light up the radio device, doing this will allow the other survivors around the globe to communicate, and complete other tasks.

– Main 2 Sided Easter egg (Samantha/Dr.Maxis).
– 1 Massive Side Easter egg which can only be unlocked after a specific side is chosen/completed.
– The side you choose can and will impact further steps and add special events!
– Victus Crew! (Tag Der Untoten Crew)
– Fully re-imagined Nacht Der Untoten.
– New Playable areas!
– Tons of side Easter eggs. (big & Small)
– Game Ending Easter egg (main Quest)
– Custom Zombie Models!
– Several Call of Duty Weapons.
– Custom power drops.
– Buyable Power-up (Random).
– Custom Models
– Nova 6 Crawler(s) (Only in an easter egg step)!
– Custom Effects.
– Custom Sound Effects.
– Hints towards upcoming map(s)
– Buyable ammo just like Black Ops: Cold War
– Buyable Ending, But Something has to be done first!
– Video loading screen.
– Black Ops 1, 2 and 3 Perks!
– Pack a Punch
– Kino Der Toten Style Teleporter
– Detailed Music/Soundtracks for background use aswell as admosphere (Black Ops 1, 2, 3 & 4)
– Music Easter Egg (Black Ops 1 & 3)
– Black Ops 4 Hitmarker
and more! (Not spoiling everything)

It’s best to leave the music sound up (NOT MUTED) since some or most effects plays on the “Music” Track.
there will be no music playing unless the player activates it, any other music that does play is from black ops 1, 2, 3 and 4. They shouldn’t be copyrighted. (youtubers are safe.)

Click on the image for details regarding passed and newest updates!
If you face bugs please let me know through discord or a comment on this page.

MR.Lednor – Helping with function(s), scripts and more!
Skylord – His Amazing Weapons Pack!
Harry – Nova Crawlers + Special Weapons.
Madgaz – Model Packs!
Killjoy – Sharing His Hitmarker Script.
All Communities Across Websites/Applications for their awesome support!
Scobalula – (Creating Greyhound (Extraction Tool).
DTZxPorter – (Tools & Plugins.)
SE2Dev – (Tools & Plugins.)
Intel – (DDS + Utils (Photoshop).
Treyarch – (All Original Assets.)

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