Zimmerei Hof

Zimmerei Hof
By: Maddens-Terror

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Unforgiving 1940s Cafe Courtyard. Good luck funneling zombies and good luck trying to camp.

This is my first map ever using the mod tools of any call of duty. I spent about 67 hours on this map and this is the result!
I had to delete and repost this map because steam completely screwed over my workshop files, forcing me to remove it..
I suppose I’m just reposting it for those interested in redownloading it.

Black Ops 3 Weapon sound fixes
Nacht Zombies
Nacht Round audio
Working dog rounds
Removed Max ammo and minigun from regular drops. Max ammo can be acquired on dog rounds.
Black ops 4 hitmarkers
Origins HUD
Perk Limit of 5

I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU USE LOGICAL’S COLD WAR WEAPONS MOD WITH THIS MAP! It’s not required but it’s highly recommended for the best experience as it was intended.

Perk Drinks:
Quick Revive
Double Tap
Speed Cola
Stamin’ Up
Electric Cherry
Mule Kick

Erthrock (Nacht Zombies)
Wild (Origins HUD and Nacht Round audio)
SG4Y (Black Ops 4 Hitmarkers)



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