Return To Zimmerei Hof

Return To Zimmerei Hof
By: Maddens-Terror

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Welcome back to ZIMMEREI HOF! For those of you who thought the original map was too easy, I present to you, RETURN TO ZIMMEREI HOF.

Set in a small 1940s Cafe Courtyard located in Germany, Your only goal is survival. Battle it out solo or with friends in this challenging installment.

For those who’ve played the original ZIMMEREI HOF, You’ll most likely know that this is my first map. In total, I’ve spent over 120 hours working on this map, but now you get to experience it in a whole new setting.

High health Brutus, Multiple start spawning after round 20, maxing out at 3 in a session.
Custom Black Ops 1 and 2 weapons. Wallbuys are Black Ops 3 to maintain full compatibility with mods.
Die Maschine round change and audio
Perk drinks light up
Nacht Zombies with white eyes
Perk limit of 5
Origins HUD
Black Ops 4 Hitmarkers
WAW Zombie Sounds
Working dog rounds
Removed Max ammo and minigun from regular drops. Max ammo can only be acquired on every dog round.
Fix for Black Ops 3 weapon sounds such as the PPSH being silent

(For a generally good experience, I recommend playing with Logical’s Cold War Weapons mod! It definitely makes the experience all the more thrilling)

Perk Drinks:
Speed Cola
Double Tap
Stamin’ Up
Quick Revive
Electric Cherry
Widows Wine
Mule Kick
Pack a Punch

Skye (BO1 and BO2 Weapons)
Wild (Origins HUD)
garrett (Die Maschine round audio)
Ninjamanny (Nacht Zombies)
SG4Y (Black Ops 4 Hitmarkers)
NSZ (Brutus)

Change Notes/Patches:
July 14th: Quick fix to patch missing textures on zombie arms and hands. Textures should now show up!



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