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WW2 guns
33 perks
difficulty selection
inspectable guns (lilrobot)
wall running (limited)
soul collectors
brutus boss
dog rounds
shootable easter eggs
bank door
wunderfizz 2.0 (madgaz)
gersh devices (GCPeinhardt, Scobalula)
electric traps
ray gun/wunderwaffe
five style teleporter (currently limited to the shower drain)
buildable power switch (Archaicvirus)
buildable shield – rocketshield (uptownpapi) and tranzit shield (Sphynx, Scobalula)
challenges (had a couple issues i believe are solved, please comment if they reappear)
buyable bathroom stall doors (bet you weren’t expecting that one)
keycard (not usable yet)

I’ve sectioned off a piece of my full map and made it a playable standalone map. The rest is in early development and can be accessed via a prompt in one of the bathroom stalls.

enjoy and please comment with some feedback if you’ve got it. its my first map and i’m open to suggestions. i’ll fix and implement what i can and i hope to add large chunks of playable areas and many other new reasons to play with each update. if you want to be a designated tester, send me a message and i can add you to the next version credits with your contributions. thanks.

more credits are in game and additional credits will be added here with each update.



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