Dunkelheit Der Untoten

Dunkelheit Der Untoten
By: Javix473

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May 01, 1945:
Unknown Location somewhere in Germany…

‘You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong.’

Re-release of Dunkelheit Der Untoten

This is a small box map based in the classic World at War map Nacht der Untoten.

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Massive shout-out to:
Madgaz for his model packs
Scobalula for his ambient rooms tutorial
Zeroy for his waw flamethrower
TheSkyeLord for his ww2 weapons
Ninjamannys for his nacht der untoten zombies skin
Symbo for his explosive barrels
Sphynx and Vertasea for their buildeable power switch
RonanM for his classic perk and power up shaders
Killer Potato for his ww2 grenades
Thomas Cat for his ww2 characters and lots of advice and help!
And special thanks for Vertasea for helping me a lot with the maps scripting and errors that I had!



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