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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download


This map is a cross between a box map and an ascension map. It has a difficult early game, but a super easy late game. Named after Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher. J


  • Weapons from WaW, BO1, BO2, BO3, MW2, IW, Ghosts, and even CS: GO
  • All 13 Treyarch Perks
  • No perk limit
  • 7 Deadly Weapons (5 Wonder Weapons, 2 Normal Weapons)
  • Five Style Teleporters
  • Easter Eggs
  • Moon Style Zombies
  • No Dogs
  • Hitmarkers
  • Health Bars
  • Soul Boxes
  • Custom Round Change Music
  • Custom Teddy Bear powerup
  • Working Solo Start Button
  • Working Co-op (thanks Gympie)
  • BO3 Leveling System (“Deresurrectionist” is max level)

BO1 Weapons, Apothican Servant, ICR, KN44, Ray Gun Mark 3, Moon Zombies – shippuden1592

Ray Gun Mark 2 – HarryBO21

Skorpion EVO, Weevil, AWP, NV4, M4 – DamianoTBM

FFAR, AA12 – Killer Potato

Invisigat – MrDunlop4

Dingo, MR6 – DTZxPorter

Dingo - Dr. Lilrobot, Ricos

Weevil, PP19 Bizon – Tim Smith (BaD BoY 17)

Hitmarkers – Mzslayer

Five Style Teleporters – Pie Man

Shootable Doors – Make Cents

Soul Chests – Blunt Stuffy

Help With Round Change Music – DuaLVII

Kino Teleporter – Aidan

Menu Screen, MW Font – DidUknowiPwn

HUD – JR-Imagine

Teddy Bear Powerup, Teddy Bear Easter Egg – Cristian_M

Pause Menu – HitmanVere

Perks, Damage Trigger Toggle – Gympie6

Damage Trigger Toggle – Colin

BO3 Levelling System – mrpeanut188

Perma Max Ammo – jei9363

Loadscreen Tutorials – ZOMB1E-KLLR           

Health Bars – Phil81334

Round Change Music – Treyarch

EASTER EGG GUIDE (spoilers):

  1. APPEASE THE BOXES – Fill all 6 soul boxes
  2. ACQUIRE AND ENERGIZE THE ARTIFACT – After all 6 soul boxes are filled, a free Ray Gun Mark 3 will appear in the spawn room. Pick it up and pack-a-punch it (Note to Mule Kick Users: Make sure your Mule Kick slot is filled before grabbing the free Mark 3 or else one of your primary weapons will be replaced)
  3. FIND THE ESCAPE ROUTE – Use the upgraded Ray Gun Mark 3 to shoot the green number door to the right of the power switch
  4. LOCATE THE AIR RAID EMMITERS – Find and shoot all 3 teddy bears around the map. Their locations are as follows:
    1. Underneath the ramp between the Mule Kick and Stamin-Up platforms
    2. Underneath the floating square above the Double Tap platform
    3. In the corner of the Nikolai Room (the one you teleport to)
  5. QUESTION YOUR ALLIES – Kill the Nikolai NPC and grab the gun that he drops (the Hmmmmmmm…) (Note to Mule Kick Users: Make sure your Mule Kick slot is filled before grabbing the Hmmmmmmm… or else one of your primary weapons will be replaced)
  6. SECURE ALL POINTS – Purchase all 11 Secure Points. Their locations are as follows:
    1. 1-8: One per platform
    2. 9: In the bunker next to PHD Flopper. This is opened via the Teddy Bears in combination with the 10k door in the Nikolai Room
    3. 10: In the Nikolai Room
    4. 11: Located outside the map following the path behind the green number door. You need the pack-a-punched Hmmmmmm… (a.k.a. The Key) to open the red door that shields the Secure Point (Note: Once you leave the map via the green number door path, you cannot come back, so make sure you have hit all other 10 points before going to buy the last one)



  1. No Floor Damage
    1. Use The Key to shoot a white door located outside the map behind the green number door
    2. Get to the white shed on the ground floor without dying
    3. Quickly press F on the black box (Note: Do not spam or hold F as it will cause the floor to turn on again. Simply press F once)
  2. Get Rid of The Key Early
    1. Once you have completed the “No Floor Damage” side quest, check the inside of the shed. There will be a 5k door on the left wall. Buy it
    2. Find the opening right of the shed on the ground floor
    3. Shoot the red door that you see through that opening with The Key (Note: After this, you no longer need The Key. Feel free to trade it out)
  3. Free Ray Gun
    1. Check inside the shed on the right wall and buy the 3k door
    2. Navigate to other side of the map where you will find a yellow room
    3. Fire at the invisible NPC until they are dead, then you can collect their free Ray Gun (Note: The NPC will have a health bar so you can gage how much damage you need to do)
  4. Free Perma-Max Ammo
    1. Hit the Mystery Box until you get the Wunderwaffe-DG2
    2. Fire the UNUPGRADED Wunderwaffe at the target on the steel tower outside the map in spawn. This will cause the green box in spawn to disappear and reveal a free max ammo (Note: This max ammo drop will never go away until the player picks it up)



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