HellTower (Tower Map In The Space)

HellTower (Tower Map In The Space)
By: kielrgz

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Coop Revive now works.

This is an updated version of the map with working coop revive.  Fix credit goes to YaF3li.

Warning, Tip, Notice, or Information.

Map crashes on round 12, if you have passed round 12 please let me know, and any information you think might be helpful with bypassing the crashes

Hi all! Before starting to download the map, I would like you to read what I put next. It is the info of what my map brings and some bug reports so that later they do not tell me not to warn hehehe.

First of all the bugs:

-When walking in the corners they will have a wall that blocks them which prevents both players and zombies from falling from the tower.

-The Gersh Device also works as a teleport jumping from the middle, but it will always take you to the beginning. not in ramdom zones. I did that because honestly I was lazy to test each floor to see if the teleports were within the range of the purchased area. I still do to kill the zombies it works too well hehe.

-There is no monkey granda on the map, which is why it doesn’t have it? It is because I do not know that I sincerely touch that there was a time when the zombies did not go for it when I threw the grenade, it made me halfway to the rocket that was on my map if it did not have a function to fulfill. (reason why I replaced it with the ascension gersh)

-The affordable end will surely ask you for 1 more round … and 45 thousand points.

-When they die or finish the map, the music may be repeated at the same time 2 times, the solution was quite easy but honestly, with my headaches due to lack of wearing glasses, it did not bother me to adjust it.



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