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Our beloved crew awakens near an abandoned warehouse.
Far off in another place, the machine rises…

THIS MAP IS NOT MOD FRIENDLY. Please run it vanilla only, thank you.

“Map meaning… zm_twilight. The hay day of CoD Zombies has passed us. This is the Twilight years for Bo3. Am I overdramatic. Yeah, but I won’t lie I spent a lot of time into making this map as old school as possible. WeeWoo slaved detailing this map. And I won’t let him down.”

Kafig was the basis for this map’s design and layout.

Modern Warfare (2019) Weapons by TheSkyeLord
Custom Perks
Kaizokuroof’s Wind Runner Whiskey [Cost: 2500] – Sprint into the undead for the flight of a lifetime.
Banana Colada [Cost: 3000] – Slide into action and watch your opponents slip into submission.
Harrybo21’s PhD. Flopper [Cost: 2000] – Throw your grenades and watch them multiply.

Verruckt Sprinters from World at War
Electric Trap, Fire Trap & Flinger
Kino Styled Teleporter
AI Adjustment Curtosy of Harrybo21
Red Zombie Eyes by IceForge

Custom Loading Screen / Artwork by me (Khroma)
75,000 Buyable Ending!!! Rack up those POINTS

Custom Perk Shaders based off of Robit’s BO4 Perk Shaders.
8 Perks / 4 Perk Limit.

A Collection of ports from eMox, Pro Revenge, GC Pienhardt and TheSkyeLord

-ProRevenge’s Revamped BO1 Ray Gun
-Ray Gun Mark II
-Shrink Ray (from Shangri La)
-Wave Gun
-Gerch Devices
-Matroyshka Dolls
-Wave Gun / Zap Gun Dual Wield
-Upgradable Blundergat by Harrybo21

1 Easter Egg Song by activating 3 Radios.

Special thanks to modme for providing me the assets for custom models, features and other random ♥♥♥♥. You guys are my lifeline, and your credits are in the credits list in the next forum.



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