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10 Weeks – 10 Maps; A mapping series by Logical. This map is apart of a series of maps where each week I will create and release a new small, survival based map and at the end of the 10 weeks I will combine all 10 maps into a “Revelations-Styled” Map.

Week 2: ATROX. An insane asylum abandoned years ago due to the horrors that took place in this facility.

  • Small Perkaholic Quest w/Buyable Ending
  • Small map with intense gameplay; Difficult map, good luck!
  • Multiple Wonder Weapons!
  • Black Ops 4 Weapons!

Created by Logical

TheSkyeLord – Weapons
HarryBo21 – Perks, Traps
Symbo – Traps
KhelMor – Vigor Rush Perk
Heroic – Custom Round Sounds
Garrett – Announcer
Ronan – Perk Shaders
Vertasea – Buyable Ending
Madgaz – Ported Assets / Prefabs
MidgetBlaster – Cold War Zombies

Scobalula – Tools
Activison & Subsidiaries – Assets & Games

Kevin Sherwood – Dead Again (EE Song)

Special Thanks To:
Chat from my streams!

Please let me know if I am missing anyone from the credits list, thanks!

If anyone would like to donate, please do so HERE []
If anyone would like to see how this map was made, along with more maps, please do so HERE

Total time to create: 1 Week



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