Minecraft Tower Challenge

Minecraft Tower Challenge
By: ImTwisted

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50+ meme weapon sounds
52 Tower Levels
Brutus mini boss
Custom Minecraft textures
Custom Pack a Punch Machine
Custom powerups
Endless zombie spawns
No Perk Limit
Weapons from BO1, BO2, MW2, MWR , WW2


AFK Room: Unlocked by purchasing the secret door located right after Winchester Model 1897 wall buy for 1000 points. AFK room is behind the painting located next to the teleporter

Easter egg song: Teddy bear located in the random teleport location on the jukebox

Hidden Weapon: LSAT can be purchased for 5000 points in the random teleport location chest


Brutus: NateSmithZombies
Custom Powerups: NateSmithZombies
Hide from zombie scripting: Holofya
Lighting Assistance: Rex
Perks: HarryBo21’s Perks v2.1.3
Song: Evanescence – Bring Me To Life
Teleporter: NateSmithZombies
Weapons: TheSkyeLord [forum.modme.co]

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