Abandoned Warehouses

Abandoned Warehouses
By: DarkOblivion

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Welcome to Abandoned Warehouses Location Classified Deep Into The 1960s era

Make Sure Your Brightness is Up The Map Is Dark To Give It That Creepy Look!

Cold War Weapon Mod Works On This Map If You Want To Play With It

11 perks No perk Limit
Craftable Pack A Punch
Craftable Raygun Mk3
Craftable Spectral Shield
Wall Buys
Key Card
Derise Style Teleporters
Music Easter Egg
Music Easteregg is not Copyright
Jump Pads
My Personal Perk Made From WAW Called Deep Impact From MP
Hud For All Parts Added

All Sounds Have Been Manually Changed To Sound Like Real Life

BO1, Gun Port’s by Skye

No Buyable Ending Almost Killed The Map Doing That
Next Time Will Be Different

Glowing Perk Bottles Credit to

Sphynx’s Craftable Credits To
– Harrybo21
– Lilrifa
– MiKeY
– ZeRoY
– Scobalula
– DTZxPorter
– Treyarch

EasterEgg Song By Program115

Derise Teleporters By Vertasea

Window Barrier Models By
-DTZ_Porter & Scobalula – Greyhound



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