Cooperative Puzzle

Cooperative Puzzle
By: DonAndres_666

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A New Innovative Map – Cooperative Puzzle

On this map there are 2 islands and each player will be teleported to them randomly. To complete the map you will need to resolve different puzzles, so you should work as a team because maybe you will need help from the other island….

Play it solo or in cooperative

This map has been designed to be played with friends, but if you want to play in solo, there is no problem, in this case, there will spawn some teleporters that will make it posible travelling between islands.

EZ MODE (Zombies disabled)

If you just want to solve puzzles without the annoying zombies, you can activate the ez mode at the start of the map.


VIdeo guide:
Text guide:



-Items aren’t weapons. You can use them to interact with other
things on the map, but they will not appear in your hands.
-Each player can only carry one item. You can let an item on the
table knifing the table to catch anotherone.
-You can send your item to the other island using the cart.

-If you are playing solo, there?s gonna be teleporters to traveling
between islands, but remember, it only works if you haven’t
any item.


There are 2 island. For this explanation i’m going to call the rocks island, island 1 and the trees island, island 2.
-On the island 1, take the pick and interact with the flor rocks. One of them will give you a metal ingot.
-Take the metal ingot and let it on the furnace.
-On the island 1, take the axe and send it with the cart to the island 2.
-On the island 2, take the axe of the cart and interact with a tree to get wood.
-On the island 2, send wood to the island 1
-On the island 1, take the wood and let it on the furnance to make fire. Close the furnance and wait 1 round. Then it will bring you a shovel.
– Send the sovel to the island 2.
-Take the shovel and iteract with the ground to find different objects (gold, wheel, skull and shinbone)
-Send all this items to island 1.
-On the island 1, weigh this objects on the weighing machine. The weigh of each object is its number for the code.

-For island 1 the code is :
First number = skull weigh + (2 x shunbone weigh)
Second number = wheel weigh
Third number = gold ingot weighs / 2 (because you are weighing 6 ingots and on the picture there are just 3)

-For island 2 the code is:
(skull weight x wheel weight) + gold weight (6 gold ingots)


This puzzle is based on an Uncharted puzzle.

-First of all you have to charge each statue with 15 zombie souls.
-Now you can rotate the statues.
-On the walls you have clues about how to solve it.


The yellow parts of the animals remark what is the characteristic of that animal.
The other picture represents what would like to be each animal: elephant and lion are looking to the wings, eagle is looking to the horns and tortoise to the crown.

-Turn statues in the same way, elephant and lion looking to the eagle, eagle looking to the elephant and tortoise looking to the lion.


-On the island 2 you have the group of notes that correspond to each color. If you mark blue, there will be the blue notes on the wall, if you mark yellow there will be the yellow notes, if you mark blue and yellow there will be the GREEN notes…..
-On the island 1 you have the order you must play it. For example at start you must play 2 times the blue group of notes ( B5 E5 B4 ), then once the green group of notes ( B5 E5 ), etc…

-The song you are playing is the zombies theme
B5 E5 B4
B5 E5 B4
B5 E5
B5 E5 B4
B5 E5 B4
B5 E5
C6 E5 C5
C6 E5 C5
C6 E5
D6 E5 C5
C6 E5 C5
C6 E5


Last Puzzle Guide:
This puzzle is based on an Uncharted puzzle.

-There is a wall with different symbols (zombies perks, pap, monkeys…)
-The point of the puzzle is turn 3 of this symbols, you can do it with the differents buttons(as teleporters) in front of the wall.
-To discover wich of the symbols you must turn, there are 3 spots on the floor with 4 places in each one. Each spot correspond to one of the symbols.
-For each place there will appear a thing that represent a symbol. So it is saying you the symbols that are up, down,left and right to the symbol you must turn.

-When you end all the challenges a song will play and it will spawn 3 brutus. At the end of the song the left lion is the end game button (30k pts). Until you pay the 30k, brutus will be spawning periodically.

Copyright music

At the end of the map it will play the Unchurted Sound Track, so be sure that there is no problem in your country with it.
You can quit it setting your music volume to 0 in game.


I ve lerned about maping with some youtube creators. They are:

-Magdaz Gaming

This guy solved some of my doubts on IceGrenade discord server (Zombie Gaming Community):

Make Cents: grow soul and weapon karosel
NSZ: Brutus
KillJoy: teleporters
MakeCents: grow souls
Harry Bo21s: custom box
Scobalula and Symbo: parasites
Ice Grenade: teleport zombies


Support me

I ve spend so much hours and almost 4000 lines of code to bring you this map. Please if you enjoyed it, vote positively the map.




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