Retro Arcade Challenge

Retro Arcade Challenge
Version: 2.0 By: DonAndres_666

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Why V2.0 ?

In the first version, some people found it difficult to understand the challenges. Now there are some tips and more info on posters to make it more intuitive and enjoyable. There is an easy mode too and now there is a quick revive machine in each challenge. Also some bugs have been fixed.

It is still a difficult map, but with practice and a good strategy you will surely get it. You have the best strategy that I have found in the guide. If you just wanna have fun, use the ez mode.


Retro Arcade Challenge is an amazing map where you can kill zombies, solve easter eggs and complete uniques challenges based on some of the classic retro arcade games.

8 Doors Gameplay

After the succes of Rock Music Challenge I decided to continue with this map format. On a 8 Doors Gameplay there is a start room with all the weapons, perk machines and PAP. On this room there are 8 doors, after each door there is a challenge. When you complete a challenge 2 perks machines will be unlocked. When you complete 5 challenges PAP will be unlocked. With 8 challenges completed (all of them) you win! You can do the challenges in the order that you prefere.

Challenges Info

Kick Off
This challenge is a soccer game. There is a ball which must be loaded with souls to be kicked. Pass to your teamates to get over the deffenders and at the end score a goal!
Perks: Juggernog and Stone Cold Stronghold

The floor is the tetris game so the road will be created by the tetris pieces. At the end there is the teleporter to complete the challenge.
The challenge is going harder, on an specific moments, light go down so it is harder to see and at the end you only can ser the pieces that are under you.
Perks: Speed Cola and Victorious Tortoise

Space Invaders
On this challenge a dron give you a bazooka. Use it to kill the space invaders, but there will be more problems during the challenges…. find the solution.
When you kill the spaces invaders there is a boss,
learn their movement patterns….
Perks: Deadshot and PHD slider

Metal Slug
On this map you will need to complete different easter eggs. Kill soldiers, save the prissioners, find parts and build a weapon to destroy a VTOL, shot to things to open the road….
Perks: Quick Revive and Winter’s Wail

As in the classic game you have to take a frog, evit cars and fall to the water to let the frog on the other site, it is harder that it seems, but if you have difficulties there is a button to get extra lives.
Perks: Double Tap and Bandolier Bandit

Donkey kong
On this level you will have the mario’s jump (jump higher). Evit barrels and zombies becouse if they touch you, you will be teleported down to the start. You can check the game on 2D to know when a barrel is coming to you. On this 2D screen each player is a character(Mario, luigi, yoshi and toad).
If is being harder for you, at minute 10, ther will be some help. On the other hand when you pass this challenge there is a bonus room where you can unlock different items.
Perks: Stamin-up and Blaze Phase

One of the coolest challenges. You can fly a plane, move it by standing on the wings. In this challenge you must evit different ship attacks and at the same time kill parasites.
Perks: Widows Wine and BloodWolf Bite

You are on the first level of pacman, the same
labyrinth. Find fruits and kill brutus to complete it.
Perks: Mule kick and Dying Wish

No copyright music



This map has multitude of ways to complete it.
I will show you one of the easiers ways.

1.- buy an L-Car
2.- TETRIS, dont kill zombies untill the challenge is done. Before use the teleport kill zombies to win points.
3.- without buying nothing more go to FROGGER. Dont kill zombies. Waste your points to get a live only if you have 1 live and you have only 1 or 2 froggs to go. Before teleport, waste all your ammo to get points.
4. Buy Double tap and ICR
5. PACMAN. At this point, you should be on round 4 or 5 so with doble tap and ICR will be so easy to kill panzers. Anyway try not to kill zombies untill you has the third panzer dead. If you want, before the teleportation kill some zombies to get points.
6. Buy some peeks and  go to Space invaders. Change the Lcar for the bazooka. Try to acumulate all zombies untill they stop spawning. Then start to shot to the invaders. Buttons to reactivate the reactors are up the stairs. The red invader has a moviment patron, learn it to kill him. Before teleporting be sure that you have 5000 points.
7. Buy a lmg and let the bazooka.
8. Go to 1943. Get the free max ammo and upgrade the shield of the ship if you need it. This challenge has sound alerts to know when there is gonna be an attack. Before teleport, get the free max ammo.
9. Use your money to buy some perks and pap your weapon but, dont on changing your weapons.
10. Go to Metal Slug. Next picture is a guide for the challenge.

11. Buy more perks.
12. Go to Donkey Kong. The easiest way to rise to the top is waiting for nukes or death machine. If you pass 10 minutes there, a help will spawn at start of the challenge
13. Buy everithing you can
14. KICK OFF pass the ball to your teamates (blue tshirt) if you try to advance before you pass to your teamates a defender will quit you the ball. The last teamates will pass you the ball and you must try to score. When you score a teleporter will spawn on the center point and all challenge will be completed.


If you are a millennial and you are not used to fight to complete a game as on a retro arcade machine, now the easy mode is available. It bring you 500000 pts and all perks. You can use this mode to practice the challenges and then going for a real game. This mode also add some more info as text during your gameplay.


I ve lerned about maping with some youtube creators. They are:

-Magdaz Gaming

This guy solved some of my doubts on IceGrenade discord server (Zombie Gaming Community):
eMoX MaNgA

RedSpace200: Jumpads
Scobalula NGcaudle and D3V Team: BO4 Perks
Make Cents: grow soul and weapon karosel
UGX-Mods : timed gameplay
NSZ: Brutus
KillJoy: teleporters


Support me

I ve spend so much hours and almost 4000 lines of code to bring you this map. Please if you enjoyed it, vote positively the map.



1.- BMJ ————————- 21′ 34”
2.- Testers Duo ————— 39′ 33”
3.- The 69ers———————–42′ 19”
4.- DnX_Nuts —————— 55′ 46”
5.- 2 Jose’s & a Craig ———-1h 21′ 3”


1.- liljujuvert ——————31´ 01´´
2.- Soft-Rocks ——————42´ 30´´
3.- DonAndres_666 ————44´ 52´´
4.- Calabuth —————— 1h 18´ 30´´
5.- NoahJ456 ————— 1h 22′ 48”

Periodically the map will be updated to show the highscores in game!
If you want to be on the highscores coment with a clip or picture with your time and the name you want to be.



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