Great Leap Forward

Great Leap Forward
By: Deadshot.mp4

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Dive into the Dark Aether on this prologue to Tag Der Toten, and explore the aftermath of the Aether story.

I will be creating a discussion section for all Easter Egg steps, but I’ll leave the main Easter Egg quest secret for a bit so there can be a hunt for it. The buyable ending however will be revealed for those who like playing casually, and some sidequests may be given too. Let the hunt begin!



  • Full Easter Egg quest diving into the Dark Aether
  • Multiple Side Quests
  • Buyable Ending
  • Custom Round change, Round end, ambient, and location-activated music
  • Scavenger wonderweapon, with upgrade quest for the ‘Galvanic Keg’, an Electricity-Based Sniper Rifle
  • PHD Flopper with 25% explosive damage increase
  • Buildable shield with upgrade quest
  • Jumppads to traverse the map and scale tall buildings
  • Primarily Bo2 guns, with any replaced by their Bo3 counterpart. Includes occassional guns from WW2, Bo1, MW2
  • Deadshot 1.5, 2x headshot damage. Stacks with Double-Tap
  • 4 Perk limit, however can easily buy perks at the Arcade Machine in the Winchester
  • Return of The Winchester, my first map based after ‘Shaun of the Dead’
  • Explosive Dark Aether Zombies
  • Galvaknuckles
  • Gobblegum machine with selected gobblegum to not interfere nor overpower the player
  • Trading Table
  • Victis crew with voicelines
  • Matryoshka Monkey Bombs
  • VeRtIcAl GaMePlAy
  • Easter Egg Quest Reward(s)
  • There is most definitely more to add to this list… why not add some suspense!


I’d like to give special credit to MikeyRay and AbominableSound, for being the most helpful, patient, and amazing people ever. Without their help, this map would not exist (or it would, but would be a pile of donkey).

Credits for Zombie eye color – MikeyRay
Credits for jumppad – Redspace
Credits for redid Raygun – ProRevenge
Credits for bo2 & ww2 & bo1 guns – Skye
Credits for shield – Sphynx
Credits for traversals – JBird
Credits for PHD Flopper – MikeyRay
Credits for galvs – MikeyRay, Jzob
Credits for DeadOps Arcade Machine – Vazquez
Credits for Zetsubou pipeline – Symbo
Credits for Music EE – Jbird
Credits for Intro text – Program115
Credits for Gobblegum machine (customizable) – func_vehicle
Credits for Powerup Machine (arcade machine script) – MikeyRay
Credits for Scriptable audio/sounds – IceGrenade
Credits for Scavenger Remaster – MikeyRay & Smurphy & HitmanVere
Credits for Trading Table -FrostIceforge
Credits for Bo3 Weapons – KingslayerKyle
Credits for Victis Crew – Planet
Credits for Voxes tutorial – DTXZPorter
Credits for Voicelines – Emox (for vicits voxes)
Credits for exporting models and/or other related instances – Scobalula

Lockdown music from Tag Der Toten “A light from the shore”
Music Easter Egg is “It’s the End of the World as we know it” by REM (Copywritten)


Hey, I hope you are having a good day. This map took me an extremely long amount of time to make, and during a very busy time in my life (College, work, etc.) This is probably the most amount of work I’ve put into a project in my life, and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it. I’m thankful for everyone credited, and all they have done. I’m a Die Rise fan, I like the idea of vertical play. I also love the idea of an abandon city, and the idea of giving the Victis Crew a good map experience (too much slander!) In the end, it’s here for those to enjoy and have a good time. I’m NOT Treyarch, and this IS NOT Treyarch quality mapping, I know that. I love getting constructive criticism but throw me a bone for some overlooked minor details lmao.

To those who enjoyed The Winchester, you’ll see the PM63, The Winchester (shotgun) and the Kar98k return with their meme-able status. Hope ya’ll appreciate that 🙂



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