El Chavo

El Chavo
By: ZMbrack115

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Mapa dedicado a EL GAMING CHANEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRlH_vhUAmUwGn3Hvc0FKw

HarryBo21 = Perk Pack, Panzers, Weapon Pack
Logical = Perk Pack
F3ARxReaper666 = Perk Pack
TheSkyeLord = Weapon Pack
Dick_Nixon = Avogadro
mickey0917 = Zombies In Spaceland Clown ZM Models
NSZ = Teleports
DamianoTBMz = BOCW Minigun/Death Machine
– Lilrifa
– MiKeY
– ZeRoY
– Scobalula
– DTZxPorter
– Treyarch

————————————————Map content—————————————–
-Easter egg
-Boss fight
-series references
-Weapons custom
-Perks Cold War
-Enemies Custom
———————————————–Easter egg——————————————–
Easter egg guide:
Step 1

Shoot 9 barrels
– Pap zone 2 barrels
– Electric cherry zone 3 barrels
– Juggernog Zone 1 barrel
– Power Zone 2 barrels
– Teleport zone (Bus) 1 barrel

Step 2
Fill souls with 3 skulls found in the first 2 houses of the spawn zone (Casa de Doña Florinda and Casa de Don Ramon) and the last skull is on the second level in front of the fountain.

Step 3
Build the sandwich in the double tap zone

– Pap Zone
– the first 2 houses of the spawn zone (Casa de Doña Florinda and Casa de Don Ramon)
– Double tap zone

Step 4
Open the third house where PHD is and hit the character (El chavo) to open a portal that will direct you to the boss fight

Step 5
The first stage of the boss fight consists of shooting the witch character 6 times.
it teleports for a half second on rooftops and portals.
The difficulty is that the round becomes infinite and they will be spawning Jumps cares on the map randomly by predetermined areas

Step 6
And finally you faced the character Don Ramon who is a brutus with 8 million life and who has the power to throw gas that hurts and throw lightning at the players.



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