Christmas Cage

Christmas Cage

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Happy Holidays to all. Today I bring you all a Christmas version of Cage from WAW back in 2011 by Tom_BMX. Try your best to escape and I hope you all enjoy <3

Be sure to check out the original version of cage here –

If you also wanna check out the reimagined version of cage by me (please note that some of the zombie hit boxes are a bit werid on this version and can’t no longer fix because I deleted the map off my modtools) –

Red Zombies Eyes
Weapons from BO1, BO2 and WW2
WW2 Flags
Black Ops 4 Blackout Characters ( Mason, Woods, Resnov and Menendez)
Zombies Chronicles Zombie Sounds
Remember Forever and COD WAW Russian theme for the easter egg song
50K Buyable Ending
No Perk Limit
No Dog Rounds
Typewriter Intro Text
Comic Perk Shaders and Comic Powerup Shaders
Avogadro Announcer
BO3 Hitmarkers
Electric Trap

KillJoy – Changing Powerup Icons Script and Some Help
Spodes and duvalknight420 – Play testing
TheSkyeLord – BO1 and WW2 Weapons
Garett – Jingle Hells Round Music and Avogadro Announcer
Sphynx – Buildable power switch
ConvictioNDR – Disable Zombie Collision Script, and Bo4 styled max ammo
The Black Death – Black Ops 4 Blackout Characters
ColdShrimp2 – WW2 Flags
F3ARxReaper666 – Bo4 Perks
Frost Iceforge – Red Zombie Eyes
Killer Potato – WW2 Stielhand Grenades
MikeyRay – MW2019 Textures
Wafflez – Zombies Chronicles Zombie Sounds
Planet – BO4 Perk Bottles
TJ UndeadSlayer – Voyage Of Despair Styled Barricades
ProRevenge – Ray gun MK1 Rework
NINGAMAN829 Erthrock and Midget Blaster – Zombie Models
Ronan_M – Comic Shaders and BO2 styled round number font
D3V Team – l3akMod
Harry Bo21 – Mystery boxes and Electric Trap
eMoX MaNgA – Bo4 Aether Perk Models
Symbo – Sword Powerup and tutorials
ProRevenge – Raygun MK2 and Ray gun MK1 Rework
ConvictioNDR – Disable Zombie Collision Script, and Bo4 styled max ammo
Program115, Verk0 and Uptownpapi25 – Tutorials
ZeRoY – WW2 Assets and Christmas Models
Mattarra – Shootable Music Easter Egg
Vertasea – Typewriter Intro Text and Buyable Ending
Madgaz – Model Packs

If I have forgotten anyone please let me know thx <3 🙂



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