Naughty Christmas

Naughty Christmas
By: Kevin & Olie

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– Full Length Easter Egg
– Custom Boss Fight with special attacks
– Buildable Wonder Weapon
– 20+ Custom Perks
– Buildable Shield
– Openable presents
– Count Down to Christmas
– Special Event Doors
– Bo2 & MW2 Guns
– Custom Zombie Model
– Shootable Easter Eggs
– Music Easter Egg

steviewonder87 – Winters Howl Mk2, Music Box Grenades, Ice Dogs, + Lots of Help
Ardivee – Elf Zombie Models
HarryBo21 – Mysterybox, FX, Cold War Perks
Logical – Logical Perk Pack
Madgaz – Madgaz Perk Pack
Kingslayer Kyle – Weapon Pack
Humphrey – Perk Shaders
TheSkyLord – Bo2 & MW2 Weapon Packs
ZeRoy – WW2 Asset Packs
Andy King (treminaor) – Buyable Ending Script
Scobalula – Tools & Scripts
Symbo – Floating Debris
SG4Y – Hitmarkers
Khel Mho – Vigor Rush
Lonely – Financial Advisor
Recon – Assistant to the Financial Advisor
Slay – Buff guy



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