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Der Sender

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“Der Sender” is a remastered version of the map Transmitter from World At War that was released back in 2010 by Adave. This is meant to be a survival map but I added a buyable ending just so if you feel like completing it you can 🙂

Be sure to go and check out the original version of Transmitter here:

Classic HUD
Nacht round sounds
Hidden PPSH Wallbuy 🙂
Nacht Der Untoten Zombie Models
Ultimis Crew
BO1 and WW2 Weapons
Nacht Zombie Sounds
WW2 Flags
Vendetta Theme from World At War as the shootable EE song
Buyable ending
Custom LUT
WW2 Granades
No Dog Rounds

M5_Prodigy and Javix473 – Classic HUD and some help
Spodes and duvalknight420 – Play testing
TheSkyeLord – BO1 and WW2 Weapons
ColdShrimp2 – WW2 Flags
Killer Potato – WW2 Stielhand Grenades
MikeyRay – MW2019 Textures
KillJoy – Running Zombies from start script (Don’t worry they aren’t to fast it’s just to speed it up a bit in the first few rounds)
TJ UndeadSlayer – WAW Styled Barricades
ProRevenge – Ray gun MK1 Rework
NINGAMAN829 and Erthrock – Zombie Models
MyNameIsNobody and Ghillie – Nacht Zombie Sounds
Wild – Nacht Round Sounds
Verk0 – LUT Tutorials
Program115 and Uptownpapi25 – Tutorials
Frost Iceforge – Orange Zombie Eyes
D3V Team – l3akMod
Harry Bo21 – Mystery boxes
ZeRoY – WW2 Assets
Mattarra – Shootable Music Easter Egg
Vertasea – Typewriter Intro Text and Buyable Ending
Treyarch – For creating World At War 🙂
Madgaz – Model Packs

If I have forgotten anyone please let me know thx <3



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