B.O.G Bunker

B.O.G Bunker
By: YouSlaggg

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This is my first custom zombies map so it may not be as good as it could be. BUT what can you expect from a beginner 😛

Info: This map is based on the falout 4 expantion mod “Outcasts & Remnants” B.O.G Bunker. I’ve wanted to remake some areas from fallout 4 for a while now and i have started with this. And its the first of many.

8 Perks – Jug – Speed Cola – Double Tap – Staminup – Fighter Fizz – Tactiquila Sangria – ICU
Buildables – Shield – KT4 – ACIDGAT/MAGMAGAT – Sliquifier – One Inch Punch
Mangler Bosses – Spawns on or after round 5 then every 2 rounds.
Free Perk Side Quest – Find 3 Terminals
Lost & Found: When you die and bleed out you will be able to retrieve your loadout from the supply box in spawn, there should be a waypoint/icon showing where but it doesn’t seem to be working.
Cold War Weapons

Logical – Perks – Tutorials – DEVRAW – Perk EE
Harry Bo21 – MysteryBox – Pack-A-Punch – Traps – FX Library – WeaponPack – WUNDERFIZZ – Mangler
Mad Gaz – HUD – Models
JBird632 – Tutorials
MikeyRay – PhD Flopper
DTZxPorter – L3akMod
SethNorris / QuentinFTL – BO4 Zone Names
Sphynx – Craftable Power
KingSlayerKyle – WW2 Zombeis
MakeCents – Sliding Doors
DEVRAW Discord – Very Helpful
NSZ – Hit Markers – PowerUps
Holofya – Flashlight
ZoekMeMaar – PowerUps
Human Topicality Violation – Blood Texture Pack
Thuggysmurf – Creating B.O.G Bunker
Activision – Assets – ModTools
Bethesda – Assets

Known Issues:

when you down you get instant revive but loose all perks weapons and money if you pick up a second jugg from wonderfiz you cant do anything. – This has been reported by one person so far

If you come across any bugs or notice something of like begin able to see through things your not supposed to please let me know in the comments.

see change notes for more info



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