Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Five Nights at Freddy's 2
By: Deadshot.mp4

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Hey! This is the second patch for this map, and hopefully the last (having bugs isn’t good so having none is bettter!)
This patch addresses issues reported in the Discussion tab, and here’s the list of what’s fixed:

  • Cameras now rely on their hitbox instead of a trigger, so shooting the cams for the mask step should feel more fluid and you should have less of those ‘how did i miss that’ moments
  • The RDG-MDS 4000 now relies on max zombie health instead of current, so the power of the gun should feel more consistent (bodyshot = 20% damage, headshot = 33% damage, headshot explosion = 10% damage)
  • MR6 upgraded is now the downed pistol to fix issue of losing the Kendall PaP’d when downing if in inventory
  • Volk packed max stock mags from 12 > 6 (nerf)

Hopefully that’s the last of it! Let me know if you do find any issues after this, and please report them! I’ll do my best to address them as they come but I believe this’ll be the last patch needed

Hello all! This is the first patch of the FNaF 2 map, and mainly being an ‘improvement’ update, I have fixed some issues that were mentioned/seen within the first day of the map being out. Here’s the list of what I’ve done so far:


  • Nerfed Volk PaP max damage 310 –> 260(due to multiple reports of it being too ‘powerful’)
  • The light on cams turn off if the cam was hit with the wunderwaffe (helps knowing when cam is shot or not)
  • Fixed PaP clip due to ability to jump behind machine
  • Fixed notify sound for Arcade activating being in the Music Slider despite being an FX sound
  • Removed ceiling debris potentially hiding the camera in Parts & Service
  • Slightly moved the Show Stage camera to better ressemble the location it’s in FNAF2
  • Fixed the PaP Trek50’s world sound to it’s proper sound, improperly being the Kendall’s PaP world sound


  • Downed w/ Mulekick only reviving with one gun instead of two (only tested/able to be done with packed spawn pistol so far)
  • Accessing the Arcade Machine (with Developer 2 active) causing a Connection Interrupted (this probably won’t be fixed as you need to go out of your way to cause this issue, the game isn’t meant to be played in Developer mode regardless)

That wraps up this first wave of fixes/needed additions! Lmk in the pinned discussion if I missed anything, if you find an issue, or have a suggestion (albeit only accepting small ones as I do want to start on other project, i.e., I’m not adding extended easter eggs but I’m up to suggestions similar to adding the lights of the cameras turning off after they’re shot)

This is a full-fledged FNAF 2 Remake for zombies, the long awaited sequel to my amazing FNAF 1 map that was originally made in 12 hours (this one is probably over 50hrs)

All copyright music are in the ‘music’ slider, turn off if you don’t want any of it (not recommended for a good experience, but like copyright do be an issue) + All ‘copyright’ music are music from FNAF games, excluding the Easter Egg song


This map was made with the intent of keeping the original atmosphere of FNAF 2, and with that came some challenges. I’m an avid lover of the FNAF franchise, and although I claimed my first map to be a love letter to the series, I feel this one is a more adequate and thoughtful entry. With the rise of interest and growing fanbase of FNAF, featuring another (and possibly the more popular) FNAF location in BO3 zombies format would be a fantastic idea! Although the map’s size is small, it has quite a few easter eggs and features that give a unique experience!

  • Freddy Fazbear Mask side quest
  • Upgrade quest for deathmachine powerup
  • Completely custom and unique HUD with custom perk shaders
  • Models ported from FNAF: Help Wanted
  • Office Protection System (staying within office too long past round 4 causes sprinters only)
  • Music Easter Egg (‘It’s Been So Long’ – The Living Tombstone)
  • MDG-RDS 4000 Custom Wonder Weapon (Percent-based damage rifle, headshots cause near by zombies to be stunned temporarily)
  • Functioning Office Phone
  • Deadshot 2.0, 2x headshot damage
  • BO4 Max Ammo
  • Buyable Ending
  • 4 Custom Pack Camos
  • Functioning Office Cameras
  • Every packed weapon has been edited in some way to be epic


Perks (No Perk Limit)
  • Juggernogg
  • Deadshot
  • Double-Tap
  • Stamin-Up
  • Speedcola
  • Mulekick
  • Quick Revive
  • PHD Flopper

Office Functionality

  • The office stays closed till the start of round 4, and while closed all power-ups will travel to the office front
  • The office stays closed till the start of round 4, and while closed all power-ups will travel to the office front
  • The office stays closed till the start of round 4, and while closed all power-ups will travel to the office front
Side Quests

Freddy Mask (+2 Hit and Perma Stamin-up)

  • Shoot all the Cameras around the map with the death machine (wonderwaffe). You will hear a noise once you shoot it, and an activation sound when all 10 are shot (no vent cameras)
  • Once all 10 cameras are shot, the arcade machine in the Juggernogg room will turn on. Interacting with it will teleport the player to the FNAF 1 office for a hold out
  • This hold out requires the player to kill 50 zombies, and if they down they will bleed out in the office (except for in solo). Finishing successfully will reward the player with a Freddy Mask and a Max Ammo. The zombies spawn quite fast so I personally would recommend an explosive weapon such as the spawn pistol or howizter partnered with PHD Flopper. Good Luck!

Upgradeable Death Machine (Wonderwaffe)

  • This Easter Egg requires the player to know how to do the Freddy Mask quest. While in the FNAF 1 location, find a Foxy Plushie which can spawn in one of the four corners of the office. Interact with it to pick it up
  • After completing and/or exiting the FNAF 1 office, return to Kid’s Cove. Inside Kid’s Cove a Foxy Plush will be sitting on the table. Interacting with it will place the Plushie from the FNAF 1 office beside the one in Kid’s Cove and Bonnie’s Lullaby will start playing
  • After the Plushie is placed, a Death Machine Powerup will spawn on the Show Stage. The Death Machine is now upgraded to the Wonderwaffe’s packed variant! (P.S, the Death Machine will only upgrade once all players are not holding the Death Machine. I.e., if the (a) player has the Death Machine as the Plushie is placed, it will not upgrade till the player loses their Death Machine)

Buyable Ending

  • The Red phone in the Parts & Service Room has a 50k buyable ending

Easter Egg Song

  • There are 3 Marionette Plushies throughout the map playing the Music Box jingle. Once all 3 are interacted with, ‘It’s Been So Long’ by the Living Tombstone will play
  • Plushie Locations:
    1.) In the Quick Revive room on a chair.
    2.) In the Parts & Service Room near Out-Of-Service Bonnie.
    3.) On the table in Prize Corner
  • This Easter Egg song can be played multiple times

Phone Call Rewards

  • The first call, on spawn, has no reward and plays as exposition
  • The second call rewards the player(s) 2,000 points(Round 10)
  • The third call rewards the player(s) with a random perk (Round 25)
  • The third call rewards the player(s) with a random perk (Round 25)
Note from the Creator

First off, I appreciate you coming here to play the map. I really hope you enjoy this one, and it was nice to work on a more condensed project than my previous map, Great Leap Forward. My first iteration of a FNAF map, FNAF 1, is pretty bad. However, the concept of altering every packed weapon on a map to either be funny or make the weapon more fun to use was a blast to work on in that one, so I brought that concept back to this one (and with more polish and uniqueness to it). I put a lot of emphasis on the detailing of this map, from the lighting to the sound design. This is also the first map in which I’ve used my own scripting, so it’s pretty special to me to be able to contribute in that regard. All the credit for this map doesn’t go straight to me, as I’ve had a TON of help from my friends on this one. From teaching me techniques and etiquette in the work process to porting models for me, I can’t express how much I appreciate them. – Deadshot.mp4

Credits (These people are awesome!)

  • Scott Cawthon of course, for creating the darn franchise!
  • MikeyRay for HUD, wonderweapon scripting and fx, FNAF: Help Wanted model ports, PHD Flopper, Zombie Eye Color, and multiple scripts + being a great friend
  • GerardS0406 for the FNAF 1 arcade machine script + being a great friend
  • Humphrey for the perk shaders
  • Steelwool studios for FNAF: Help Wanted assets/models
  • Skye for IW Weapon ports (this one has a long list of credits so please use their masterhub for full credit list)
  • Jbird for music EE script (used as reference and directly)
  • Scobobula for Greyhound (model porting software)
  • KillerPotato for XM4/wonderweapon port
  • Program115 for mystery box(s) (prefabs)
  • Raygun redone (Raygun FX) done by Smurphy
  • The Living Tombstone for ‘It’s Been So Long’
  • FinleyZero for 8-bit Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 Song by The Living Tombstone
  • Sphynx for localization of strings tutorial + pre-formatted reference material
  • Luna Ryoko for CoDMayaTools
  • Greytezi for all FNAF 2 sounds (youtube video of them, not actually creating them)



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