Scary Movie

Scary Movie
By: Shadow.263

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A quiet vacation in the woods. Time away from all the stresses of life. That’s all that you wanted. But somehow, someone, somewhere decided to turn your good day into the worst one. Now your life is threatened by the undead and the only way forward is through a pile of corpses.




  • 14 perks
  • Custom weapons
  • Secret wall: Use any explosive on the bathroom wall that the arrow is pointing at. Then you will be able to drop down into the basement with power and PaP.
  • Buyable Ending
  • Shoot the three ravens: One is in the kitchen, another outside the main window, and the third is by power.
  • Grab the summoning key from the kitchen and place it on the altar in the basement.
  • Wait a while, then pick it up and the buyable ending should be at the front door.




Perks, PaP, Mystery Boxes

Custom Weapons

    • Skye :

  • Treminaor
  • Worstgabena
  • Makecents




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