Backrooms Map Challenge

Backrooms Map Challenge
Version: 1.1 By: Klaudeh

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Hello! this is my first CoD WaW custom map i ever made!
The history behind it: i was with a friend playing a custom map when he say: “Ey it will be cool if there a backrooms custom map” and i say:”Let’s fucking do it”
I hope you like it :D

This map includes:

-Mw2, mw3, bo2 and bo3 custom weapons
-Bo1, Bo2 And Bo3 perks
-Zombies from Mob of the dead
-Buyable Ending
-A Brutus (Hehehe)


-Electric cherry not working on coop, and added more perks
-Remove the default weapon from the box
-Added again the Profile/Friends button on the main menu (whoops)

-Stay close to the walls, you never know what you gonna discover in the backrooms. . .

           ricko0z – Custom weapons
shippuden1592 – Zombie Brutus, Custom menu, Change start weapon
jei9363 – Mob of the Dead Zombies
gympie6 – Other cods perks
Crepp115 – For some help with scripting
KielDCU – For some motivation and help with scripting
ThunderFrosty – Some tutorials and help with details in the map
Cajz – For the idea to start making maps and some ideas for this map (and for being an asshole <3)

And all the community for the help and the tutorials to make this map possible 😀
(If i leave someone out the credits and i have some of your stuff in my map and want some credits, let me know)



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