Backrooms Level 0

Backrooms Level 0
By: Nshou

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Will you be able to find your way out of the backrooms ?
Your only mission is to find an exit on level 0 of the Backrooms, but beware, you might get lost in this labyrinth of walls and corridors…

– WaW/BO1/BO2 Perks:
      BO1 Quick Revive,
      Speed Cola,
      Double Tap 2.0,
      Who’s Who,
      PHD Flopper. ​​​​​​
– BO1 Weapons:
    Thunder Gun (PaP version),
    M1911 (No PaP Version).
– BO1 Kino Teleporter style,
– FoV Slider (Options/Game options),
– Custom main menu buttons,
– BO2 bonus style,
– Buyable Ending,
– No dogs rounds.

– Koan for Fov Slider (,
– Aidan for Kino BO1 Teleporter style (,
shippuden1592 for Kino BO1 Weapons (,
Gympie5 for BO1/BO2 perks (,
ZOMB1E-KLLR for all his tutorial videos (

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