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New Black Ops 1 Custom Map(Motel) I Made This Because I wasnt Sastified With My Other Good bye Map (Invisible Mansion)  I Hope You Enjoy This Map Tho
Motel Is  A Fun And Chaotic Map Co Op And Solo Try It Out! Not Insanely Hard Like Take Off No New Features Because I Dont Know How to Add Any WAIT  Double Tap 2.0 Is IN!!
*Added A Few More Floors
*Fixed the clipping glitch
*Noved The Game Over Camera
*left the old version up (V1) incase anybody likes the smaller one floor
*Added Margwa
*Fixed some bugs
*some of the perk machines are transparent the textures just up and left and i couldnt fix them so yea
*working on the last update
*Added Traps
*Added Nova Six Crawlers
*Added A New Wall Buy
*Added PHD
*Added New Perk Slot
*2 Versions HardMode And Normal
*Also The Some of the perk machine models are invisible i couldnt fix it i tried i even tried to add new perks to replace them but that didnt work so yea
*The Fire Trap fx doesnt work so look at the light to see if is on or not it works fine tho now the electric trap fx works but it stays forever so watch the lights and sound so u wont run into while is actiivated same with the fire trap make sure you listen for the sound or look at the light
(New Update)
*Added brutus (removed the panzer because it was buggy and it crashed the game)
*Added Ppsh Wall Buy
*Added Aug Wall Buy
*Added Famas Wall Buy
*Added A Panic Room With A Trap
*Fixed up The Spawn Room
*Removed Phd  And Added Stamin Up
*Secret Raygun Somewhere lol
*Fixed up some hallways to

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