Perk Hall

Perk Hall
Version: 1.0 By WORLD158

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Hello, this is my first attempt at making a map, it may have bugs or problems, but i tested it a few times so no bugs should occur
The map is a corridor within the walls of which there are perks, at the beginning of the map is quick revive and pack a punch, along the corridor there are doors that can be opened, at the end of the map there is a room with a mystery box, phd, and a few more perks
You can buy a dead shot and shoot the zombies from the end of the corridor, or you can take the phd and jump on the zombies from the stairs
– Perks: Juggernog/Quick Revive/Speed cola/Double Tap/PhD/Stamin up/Dead Shot/Mule Kick
– Mystery Box
– Pack a Punch
– One window and ground spawner
– Train zone
– Standard weapons, (Thunder Gun, Ray Gun)
– Dogs rounds
– Wall weapons and doors
to run the map correctly you need to download the mod and put it in the “mods” folder in the BO1 directory
then you need to go into the game, run the mod and write in the console ” devmap zombie_testerm “
Enjoy the map :)
( I am not English and I used a translator so I apologize for the mistakes in the text )

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