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We pretty much almost hit the limitations of the game.
If you have trouble running the map with your buddies please lower your texture resolution settings. Sorry :(
Closing down unrelated applications can also help.
If you see the Hunk_AllocateTempMemoryHigh error keep retrying until the game starts up.

3 Custom Perks make their return: (Chainbind, Baron Samedi and Rewind Time Barcardi)
Black Ops 1 Perks
Black Ops 1 Shangri La & Black Ops 2 NukeTown & Die Rise zombies
Black Ops 1 HUD
Black Ops 3 Shader for perks and powerups
Custom Boss
Terrorist Zombies (Zombies with C4 explosives, they can plant them!)
Advanced Warfare Weapons
Ghost Weapons
BO1 Weapons
BO2 Wunder Weapons
WAW Weapons
4 Wonder weapons
Custom Powerup/Box Fx
Unlimited Ammo Powerup (Shoot infinite ammo until time runs out)
DogHunter Powerup (Dogs will hunt down zombies)
Digsites/Loot Crates
Soul furnaces
EasterEgg Ending

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