Cage Christmas (Christmas House)

Cage Christmas (Christmas House)
By: kielrgz

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Hello everyone, I have a quick map that I made, I wanted to bring it in December, but I am very busy and I doubt that I will be able to upload it on time, so just in case I wanted to bring it now.
This map is inspired by a map that I saw from Black Ops 3, credits to that creator who inspired me to create this map, things that I want to clarify is that my map does not have traps to activate, another thing is that the mini models of perks They cannot be used and they are decorative, but the Infinite Warfare Perks are functional! :D


On this map I had a lot of help from NGClaude!! So credits to him too for helping me bring this to you.
What does the map contain?
Bo2 Weapons
Ray Gun Mark 2
Zombies Nuketown
Purchasable End
(The map does not contain bosses)
Another thing to clarify is that I forgot my YouTube account so I can’t upload videos! I hope you can understand!
The map does not require T4M.


Coca Cola 3 Litros
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