Pizza Spyral Challenge

Pizza Spyral Challenge
By: Klaudeh

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Just a simple “Challenge” map in collab with Crepp115, we thought of making a Pizza Tower map inspired by others food related maps like the “Cube” series or others towers (Cheese Cube U/Enclosed/Pickles Tower/Etc). So why not a Pizza map haha. Nothing too special this time, just another Tower with some Parkour and a lot of Zombies, but ALOT. 

So with nothing more to say, i hope you enjoy the map and try the challenge with some friends to have fun with!

This map features:

– Custom Weapons from BO1, BO2, MW3 and BO3.
– Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3 Perks
– BO2 Nuke
– 3 hits system
– Mob of the Dead Zombies
– Bo3 HUD (kinda)
– Power up customs (Random Perk Power Up, Pack and Punch Power Up, Money Power Up)
– Sprinters
– Hug Fix and Bo1 knife
– Buyable ending
– Custom Camo
– Hitmarkers
– Added recoil and balance to weapon movement
– Shootable Easter Egg
– Brutus from MOTD
– Moving Platforms
– Rising Water


– Shippuden1592 (Power up Money, Brutus Scripts and Models, Elemental Staff, some weapons from Bo3 and Bo1, BO2 Nuke)
– Ricko0z (Bo3 Weapons, Bo2 Weapons and Bo1 Weapons)
– BluntStuffy (PanzerSoldat)
– Gympie6 (Perks of Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3)
– TaXi (3 hits system)
– ThunderFrosty (Customizable Bo2 HUD, Diferent tutorials, Script References)
– Steviewonder87 (Zombie Hug fix and bo1 knife)
– SajeOne (Buyable Ending)
– Kielrgz <3 (Ideas for the map)
– Tim / M0xf / GeekComm (Custom box from bo3, Bo3 power up models and teddy)
– BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith” (Some bo3 weapons)
– PROxFTW / MZslayer11 (Hitmarkers)
– Arceus (Better Recoil and movement)
– Crepp115 <3  (Map Prefab and Collab Idea)
– UGX (For the best forum for custom zombies and the Scripting Reference)
– MakeCents (Scripting Basics, Script reference for some fixes)
– 0taku (Bo3 HUD textures)

Let me know if i leave someone out, there’s a lot of people that upload assets or help me with the map so, just leave me a message;)

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