[TFC MOD] The First Cycle

[TFC] The First Cycle
Version: 8.7 By: Blak

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The Giant is rising. Face the might of the Nazi Zombies in their heartland. This is where it all began. This is where the master plan took shape. Is this where it all ends?


Future development of the mod has been put on hold until further notice – I am currently prioritising other projects but will eventually come back to this one.

No promises, but there may come a day some point in the future where I’ll put out one final update for this mod, a big one. I’ll leave things at that for now

Important note to content creators:
We request that you provide a link to the mod’s workshop page as a form of credit. We appreciate the recognition, and it also allows your fans to find the mod to play themselves – it only takes a minute of your time, so why not?

If you enjoy playing the mod, please consider upvoting it to show your support!

The First Cycle is a mod which adds CoD: World War II weapons and revamps both The Giant and the World at War remastered maps to “the first cycle”, whilst preserving certain enjoyed new additions. One example of such changes is that the Wunderwaffe DG-2 should behave much more closely to its World at War version (without the Juggernog bug of course!)

The mod’s features include:

– Many of these weapons include Weapon Kit functionality. Unfortunately, this does not extend to all weapons, due to game limitations.
– They also have inspect animations. Please report weapons that do not inspect to the bugs list discussion at the bottom of this post.
– They also replace wallbuys.
– Extra features will be added in updates, including visual wallbuy changes and “special” Pack a Punch functionality.

– Much of the ambient sounds unique to Der Riese have been restored, including the symbolic clock ticking and the air raid sirens.
– Characters are Ultimis.
– Characters have their Der Riese voice lines, including specific cases such as viewing the Pack a Punch machine or entering a teleporter area for the first time.
– The fly trap is reverted to its Der Riese version in all respects except for reward.
– Extra features will be added in updates.

– It chains zombies much faster.
– Its Pack a Punch version is able to chain up to 24 zombies, just like World at War.

– Marine Raider characters added for Nacht der Untoten and Verruckt.
– Nacht der Untoten voice lines disabled.
– Verruckt marine voice lines added.
– Shi no Numa has Japanese CoD WWII wallbuys in place of where Treyarch added wallbuys in Black Ops III.
– Extra features will be added in updates.

– Multiple features such as start round, timed gamplay, zombie counter, etc. The host has the option to edit these in the lobby.
– Extra features will be added in updates. Additionally, if there are any specific mutators you would like to see added, feel free to suggest them and we will attempt to add the functionality.

– Two gamemodes are currently available for you to play: Classic, Gun Game [More to come in future]

Stopping Power: Doubles bullet damage (You can change this to a round-based formula in Mutators)
Bandolier Brew: Increases stock ammo on TFC weapons by ~50%
Shady Shandy: Outlines enemies within a certain radius of the player.
Martyr Martini: Extends bleedout time and calls in a nuke powerup when you go down.
PHD Slider: Explosive slide, grenades split, immune to self-inflicted damage (such as explosions)

Weapon list:

– M1941
– M1 Garand
– STG-44
– M1 Carbine
– FG-42
– M1918 BAR
– SVT-40
– Gewehr 43
– Volkssturmgewehr
– Type 5
– M2 Carbine coming soon
– Breda M1935 PG
– AVS-36
– Fedorov Avtomat
– AS-44
– Charlton Assault Rifle
– Kg m/21
– STG-45 Horn
– Wimmersperg Spz

– Grease Gun
– PPSh-41
– Type 100
– MP-28
– M1928 Thompson
– MP-40
– Sten
– MAB 38
– MAS-38
– Sterling
– Nambu Type 2
– ZK-383
– Ribeyrolles
– Tokyo Arsenal 1927
– EMP-44
– Blyskawica
– Erma EMP
– Bechowiec
– Austen
– M2 Hyde
– Suomi KP-31
– Classified coming soon

– Lewis Gun
– MG-15
– Bren
– MG-42
– Breda 30
– MG-81 as Death Machine
– Browning M1919 “Stinger”
– VMG 1927 coming soon
– LAD Machine Gun
– Chatellerault
– Classified coming soon
– Classified coming soon

– Kbsp wz.38M
– Lee-Enfield
– M1903 Springfield
– Kar98k
– Arisaka
– Winchester 94
– PTRS-41
– De Lisle Carbine
– Mosin-Nagant
– SDK 9mm
– Wz. 35 coming soon
– MAS-36

– M1897 Trench Gun
– M30 Luftwaffe Drilling
– Walther Toggle Action
– Winchester Model 21
– Blunderbuss
– Classified coming soon

– P-08 Luger
– Nambu Type 14
– M1911
– M712 Schnellfeuer
– Walther P38 coming soon
– Enfield No. 2 coming soon
– Reichsrevolver coming soon
– Classified coming soon

– Panzerschreck coming soon
– Fliegerfaust coming soon

– Crossbow
– Ray Gun Mark II ported for non-ZC
– Ray Gun tweaked
– Wunderwaffe DG-2 tweaked

Supported maps:

– Shadows of Evil
– Der Riese
– Der Eisendrache
– Zetsubou no Shima
– Gorod Krovi
– Revelations
– Nacht der Untoten
– Verruckt
– Shi no Numa
– Kino der Toten
– Ascension
– Shangri-La currently unsupported: This will be fixed ASAP.
– Moon
– Origins
– More to come, perhaps.


This mod wouldn’t have been possible without:
– Scobalula: The community doesn’t appreciate you nearly enough for the tools you’ve provided. Thanks for all of those programs, and thanks for helping me along the way with various bits, such as providing the Undead Warden and the general help with issues I encountered. Keyloggers btw
– raptroes: Your clown ass endured me long enough to help me with various issues, provided tips and tricks, and provided various assets. Thanks man, you’re a unit.
– Thomas Cat: You make for a good meme sir. Thanks for the weapons you ported, despite some having some issues.
– JariK: Cheers for the LUI and PaP script, among Weapon Kit help.
– MotoLegacy: Many thanks sir for the lush classic-modern perk shaders thx n mutator menu (hopefully)

Extra credits:
– DTZxPorter
– SE2Dev
– Nukem
– id-daemon
– 762NATO
– ZeRoY
– Maciej Ray Marcin
– Aiden
– Azsry
– Collie
– Harry Bo21
– NateSmithZombies
– lilrobot
– JBird632
– Ardivee
– Treyarch
– Sledgehammer Games
– Activision
– Luchador
– QuentinFTL
– TheSkyeLord
– MotoLegacy
– lilrifa
– El_Coco_Nut
– Honkler
If I have forgotten anyone, instead of starting an anti-Blak rally, please instead just let me know and I’ll add your credit. Lost my original credit list so it’s possible (likely) I’ll forget to add some people.

If you’re simply going to comment with complaints about issues already known (check Trello), or going to complain that I haven’t done xyz quick enough, you will not be responded to or worse thx

Edit 10/8/19: So guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of a million ratings, 5 stars and still growing! The fact that we’ve reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal, I’m-I’m just amazed. Thank you all so much for supporting this mod and helping it grow. I-I love you guys… You guys are just awesome.


The Kermit Mod

The Kermit Mod
By: big marv

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

Disclaimer for Content Creators: If you are recording/streaming with this mod, please link to the workshop page, and/or my twitter: @762NATO_ZM. Cheers!

Ever wondered what Kermit would be like in a zombie apocalypse?
Well, wonder no more!
I’m bringing you, The Kermit Mod.
This replaces all character models with our favourite muppet, Kermit.
Within this mod, there is a few custom voicelines, done by me.
Kermit also decided to bring 2 weapons with him, which you’ll be able to obtain in the box.
Currently, I have yet to replace the Shadows of Evil lines, but they will be changed in a future update.
The mod is not guarenteed to replace voicelines in custom maps, but will replace the models in custom maps if they use the stock models.

Fun Fact: The mod idea came to light while I was sat in discord talking about modding ideas whilst playing customs. I nearly died and made a kermit voice. And now we’re here.


Scobalula – Model Rigging, HydraX, Testing
UK_ViiPer – Providing the Model
Renegade – Testing, Providing the Round Sounds
Skye – Testing
Ardivee – zm_vox
Porter – zm_vox
Ninjaman829 – Testing
Luna Ryuko/Ray – CoDMayaTools
Aiden – CoDMayaTools
ID-Daemon – Wraith research
Infinity Ward – assets
Collie – IW7-T7 rig and Riley Template
Jia909 – Images from KBS port for reticle
JerriGaming – Attraction script
HarryBo21 – FX, broken ones.
Blak – M2187S and Harbinger, Harbinger FX. Fixing Harrys broken FX
Sidzzz – Testing
Treyarch – BO4 Classified Round Sounds
SpSSdy/Tommy – Testing and fails in the brain
Lucas – Thumbnail

If I have missed anyone, shoot me a DM on discord @ 762NATO#0291

Known Bugs:
Sometimes some of the custom voicelines won’t replace the stock ones (working on figuring out why)
Some stock voicelines still remain, will be replaced soon.
Admittedly on my end, the voicelines may be slightly quiet. I’ll be improving that at a later date.


I also worked a bit with Renegade to bring along a map with the mod.
Link to Renegade’s Nightmare on Kermit Street: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1638507212



Hyperdimension Neptunia [Character Mod]

Hyperdimension Neptunia [Character Mod]
By: Loyalists

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

Yeah,finally anime-related stuffs in BO3.
Probably the first character mod based on anime style for COD!

Assets Sources:


– Characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia series – Lively facial animations, making your waifus 1000% more lively! – Campaigns/Multiplayer/Zombies supports – Polished shaders – HQ models and textures – Languages supports – Open-Source[github.com] – And more!


  • Neptune [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/MP/ZM]
  • Nepgear [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/MP/ZM]
  • IF [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/MP]
  • Noire [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/MP/ZM]
  • Uni [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/MP/ZM]
  • Blanc [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/MP/ZM]
  • Rom [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/MP/ZM]
  • Ram [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/MP/ZM]
  • Vert [neptunia.wikia.com][SP/ZM]
  • Kurome [neptunia.wikia.com][MP]
  • Uzume [neptunia.wikia.com][MP]


Q:How to install the mod? A:See also https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768774420. Q:Encountering errors/crashs when attempting to start the campaign! A:Please use ‘SELECT MISSION’ button before loading the campaign map. Q:Can I use this mod in public match? A:No. This is a critical limit set by Treyarch themselves. Q:I can see some soldiers with Neptune’s costume in the campaign ‘Black Ops’ ! A:I know but currently there is no way to fix it, also this glitch only appears in only one campaign level. Q:My loadout and saving are reset after loading the mod! A:The loadout data is standalone and you can manually copy the loadout data from somewhere else. For this mod the loadout data is located in players\311210\1404915347. For some odd reasons, You can’t get XP gain when playing with mod installed.

Compile Heart, Idea Factory, Tamsoft – For development of the assets used! RandomTBush – Porting Loyalists – Processing
Special Thanks
DTZxPorter DYA37 Figmanya GEEKiDoS

Any trolling, provocative, dumb and offensive comments will be deleted/banned on sight.
If the only reason that you clicked on this addon was to express your extreme distaste for anime, or if you feel leaving a hateful comment towards me or the original creators is acceptable behaviour, then expect to be blocked, because all you’re doing is making yourself look like an idiot. Nobody cares if you don’t like something. Just ignore it and move on.




Weapon Kits +

Weapon Kits +
By: Joshwoocool

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

Expands the Weapon Kits to include DLC Weapons[Attachments Work Even on Pack-A-Punched Versions Minus Peacekeeper MK2]
3arc map box/Pack-a-punch Changes
Changes A Few MP Camos into a Custom Zombies Camos
I Also Changed the Main Menu Character to a Custom Model of mine as a tease for another Mod

How to set up your Weapon Kits
Boot Up My Mod Via Main Menu Tab “Mods” called “Weapon Kits+”
From Main Menu Click “Play Offline”
Go To Zombies
Go to Weapon Kits and Edit them how you wish
Go Back to Main Menu and Click “Play Online”
And your set. Go Play a Custom match, Solo, Play with your Friends, Or Join a Server

If For Some Reason You get a UI Error Unload Mod Then Open a window on your desktop and go to
YOUR BO3 ROOTFolder \players\311210\1398263481
And Delete
This will Reset your Weapon kits removing the error

Additions to Weapon Kits
Submachine Guns
Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns
Peacekeeper MK2
Rift E9
Ray Gun Mark II
Ray Gun
Mashel 16
MX Garand
NX ShadowClaw
L4 Siege
Fury’s Song
Path of Sorrows
Map Changes

Shadows Of Evil

  • Apothicon Servant Upgradable Via Pack-A-Punch/Crate Power
  • Apothicon Servant in Box
  • Shield Upgradable Via Crate Power
  • Wunderwaffe DG-2 in Box
  • Razorback in Box
  • MR6 in Box
  • Shield in Box
  • Holly BouncingBetty In Box
  • Devil BouncingBetty In Box
  • Bloodhound in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box

The Giant

  • MR6 in Box
  • Razorback in Box
  • Annihilator in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box

Der Eisendrache

  • MR6 in Box
  • Razorback in Box
  • Ragnarok DG-4 in Box
  • all 5 Bows In Box
  • Shield in Box
  • Plunger in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box Besides BRM

Zetsubou No Shima

  • MR6 in Box
  • Kt-4 in Box
  • Kt-4 Upgradable Via Pack-A-Punch/Crate Power
  • Skull of Nan Sapwe in Box
  • Island Shield in Box
  • Spider-Bait in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box

Gorod Krovi

  • MR6 in Box
  • Trip Mine in Box
  • Dragon Strikes in Box
  • Dragon Strikes Upgradable Via Crate Power
  • Dragon Guantlet in Box
  • Dragon Shield in Box
  • Malice in Box
  • Slash N’Burn in Box
  • Fury’s Song in Box
  • Wrench in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box


  • Apothicon Servant Upgradable Via Pack-A-Punch/Crate Power Without Doing Quest
  • MR6 in Box
  • Nightbreaker
  • Buzz Cut in Box
  • Nunchuks in Box
  • Skull Splitter in Box
  • Path of Sorrows in Box
  • Dragon Shield in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box Besides M1927

Nacht Der Untoten

  • 1911 in Box
  • MR6 in Box
  • Drakon in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box


  • 1911 in Box
  • MR6 in Box
  • Drakon in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box

Shi No Numa

  • 1911 in Box
  • MR6 in Box
  • Drakon in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box

Kino Der Toten

  • 1911 in Box
  • MR6 in Box
  • Locus in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box


  • 1911 in Box
  • MR6 in Box
  • Bowie Knife in Box
  • NX ShadowClaw in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box


  • 1911 in Box
  • MR6 in Box
  • NX ShadowClaw in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box


  • 1911 in Box
  • MR6 in Box
  • SVG-100 in Box
  • NX ShadowClaw in Box
  • Hacker in Box
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box


  • Mauser C96 in Box
  • Beacon in Box
  • Staff of Air in Box
  • Staff of Fire in Box
  • Staff of Lightning in Box
  • Staff of Ice in Box
  • SVG-100 in Box
  • Shield In Box
  • Box Staff’s Upgradable to Versions that Only Fire Charged Shots(Getting the Regular Upgraded Versions with revive Shots still possible Via The Quest)
  • Wall Buys Removed From Box
Personal Credits

Kody- Learning about this and Teaching me stuff
Agentevil- Telling me about this in the first Place
Tbone 5- Teaching me how to do Things like Camos and Stuff
17BritishPie- Helping me with Various design choices
Spencecool- Various Testing

Tools, Programs,Assets, and Info Credits

Bo3 Stringtable
Aidian Shafran



BO1 Weapons Mod With PHD Flopper!

BO1 Weapons Mod With PHD Flopper!
By: JariK

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

PHD Flopper in all standard BO3 Maps!

If you’re feeling generous and want to donate:

How to use it:

ZM: Wall-buys and Mystery box

Guns in the mod:

– AK47
– Spas 12
– Dragunov
– L96a1
– Famas
– Mp5k
– CZ75 (single and dual wield)
– AK74u
– M16
– Python
– Stakeout
– HS10
– PM63
– HK21
– Olympia
– Spectre
– M1911
– G11
– Commando
– MP40
– China Lake
– Galil
– M14

Only in MP:
– Enfield
– MAC11
– Stoner63

Tom Crowley


ZM Insane 100

ZM Insane 100
By: DKA_Masta

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

THIS IS 64 zombies ment for BIG maps, like scrapyard.
added some start money for smaller maps, to get out of start area.
WARNING: This is hardcore zombies.
This is a mod that works on all maps, this is not a map.

zombie amount in 1 wave : 64 (instead of normal 24)
zombie run speed max
zombie spawn speed max
zombie counter
start money 3000
JUGG and STAMINA 10.000
PAP 10000/10000
added timed mode

in development:
adding robots/monsters
adding grief (in development bij JBIRD)
adding 8 players (as of now not possible twitter message from PCDEV)
adding 2nd weapon(open for suggestions, which gun,galil would be nice)

we are fans of WAW Realism insane mode mod. (which is currently in development at UGX)




Version: 0.1.2 By: treminaor

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:


CHANGELOG FOR v0.1.2 11/9/2016:
– Added Arcademode to list of available gamemodes
– Chaos Mode is still temporarily removed because it’s still crashing. We’re still working on it!


Happy Halloween! It’s time for the first public alpha release of UGX Mod for Black Ops 3.
This release contains the community favorite gamemodes from UGX Mod v1.1

UGX Azrael

UGX Mod BO3 has been released simultaneously with UGX Azrael, our first map released for Black Ops 3! You can find UGX Azrael here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791126844

Other Map Compatibility

UGX Mod BO3 is compatible with 99% of custom maps with NO INSTALLATION NECESSARY BY THE MAPPER.
This means you can download any map from the Steam Workshop and use UGX Mod with it right away! 
UGX Mod BO3 is also fully compatible with Treyarch’s DLC Maps. It was extensively tested on Shadows of Evil but should work fine for all maps.

How to Play UGX Mod BO3

Simply subscribe to the mod above, then open BO3. Go to your Mods menu and choose ugxmod from the list. Once the mod is loaded, you will see “Mod loaded: ugxmod” in the corner of your screen and you are ready to play any map. Launch into a game of zombies from the Zombies menu and you’re good to go!

Features (Singleplayer & CO-OP/Online)

Timed Gameplay (available in all gamemodes)
(more coming soon!)
Custom Powerups (Terminator, Gun Upgrade, Gun Advancement, Points Advancement, Killshot, Invincibility, Quickfoot)

Bug Reporting

For now, if you find a bug with UGX Mod BO3 please report it here: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php/topic,13781



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