By Bashmoney100

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download
T4M Required

T4M Required
By: BashTheOutcast
 It’s World War II… 
An uncover scientist sends for a extraction at the Misty Vile Sanatorium in Hamburg, Germany. The Sanatorium is used for brutal experiments on the “mental” patients housed in the facility. As the platoon sent gets closer, they are attacked by zombies in the area. With only four soldiers surviving the encounter and entering the facility. They fight for a chance of escaping this 

– WaW and BO2 Weapons
– Blood Money
– BO1 Perks (Mule Kick Only)
– FOV Slider (Max: 90)
– Easter Egg Song
– Advance Warfare Blood Splatter 
– Fixed Nuke
– Verruckt Runners
– Communal Random Box
and more…


NG Caudle
UGX Mods
JMPVoice as Constantine


Arn Cup



Aldwych Zombies

Aldwych Zombies
By: Philky101

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

You descend into an abandoned subway in London in search of a powerful meteorite fragment. However, you end up finding much more than you can handle…


This map is (somewhat loosely) based off of the Tomb Raider 3 level of the same name. I ended up taking a few creative liberties to make it work better for zombies. This map features: some BO1 weapons, some BO1 and BO2 perks, Double-Packing, and a music box.


The UGX Communty




Speedball De-Make

Speedball De-Make
By: pmr4

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download
The beautifull map of Speedball from Modern Warfare(2019) demastered with assets from WaW, WW2 and MW(2019), with zombies added to it.

Survive as long as possible in this small map filled with fast zombies or try and find a way to acces the radio call for an evacuation.

Multiple Weapond from Black Ops 1, 2 and 3, Modern Warfare 2 and 3, Ghost, Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare, CSGO, and one weapon from FC3 and KF2.
Buildable Scavenger Gun
Soul Chest
HarryBo21 Perks
Napalm zombie
Some upgraded weapons have custom ammo
Ugx Jukebox
Gun Game can be activated from the game options

Thanks for checking out my map, this is the first map i have posted, so any feedback would be greatly apreciated and if anyone  knows how to make my map playable without T4M it would be great.

-Bulldog Maul
-Desert Eagle
-Galleria 1991
-M4 M203
-Beretta M93R
-MX Garand
-Peacekeeper MK2
-PP-19 Bizon
-M1 Irons
-GKZ-45 Mk3

If anyone can help me with some of this it would be greatly apreciated
– Some barriers can be bought through the wrong side.
– FX on dual weapons dont appear on both guns.
– Some parts can be grabbed through a wall.
– FAL grip is invisible.

Weapon Ports – ricko0zKiller Potatoshippuden1592,  DamianoTBMBaD BoY 17Rollonmath42 and UGX Rorke
Wonder Weapons, nuketown zombies, verruckt sprinters and Napalm zombie – shippuden1592
HUD – cristian_morales
Perks – HarryBo21
Round Chalk – LBGamingYT
Door with key – buttkicker845
Randomize player and Point reward – MakeCents
Updated Power Up HUD, grayhound and wall buy FX – Scobalula
BO3 power up models and teddy – BaD BoY 17
Unlimited Client and nuke fix – alaurenc9
BO3 round chalk system and bo1 style pause – HitmanVere
BO3 power up FX – IperBreach86
Perk icon lighting – death_reaper0
AW Blood splater – JBird632
Shootable pipe – IHammY/
Custom ammo and Soul Chest – BluntStuffy
Gun Game and Menu – ​​​DidUknowiPwn
Buildable Weapon – Gogeta
Add song to jukebox and remove dog rounds – KDXDARK
Hitmarker – MZslayer11
Typewriter intro – YaPh1l 
Mystery Box FX – StupidEdits
Perk Shaders – Deadnaut and oshawat750
BO3 Power Up shader- steviewonder87
Ugx Jukebox and Easy-FX – Treminaor
Tool tutorials – ZOMB1E-KLLRSpyroScopeZeroyUGX Wiki and Thunderfrost
Call Of Duty games and assets – TreyarchInfinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games


Bring Me To Life – BulletProof Messenger
It’s Been So Long – The Living Tombstone
Nightmare – Avenged Sevenfold
Mad Hatter – Avenged Sevenfold
Not Ready to Die – Avenged Sevenfold
All Star – Smash Mouth
Until it’s gone – Linkin Park




By: JayJiveCertified

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

A new map by a member of callofdutyrepo discord server. 


After a mysterious Nazi scientist’s house and laboratory are taken over by hordes of the undead, four time-travelling operatives from the year 2025 are sent to contain the outbreak.

You must now plays as these operatives to defeat the zombie horde and protect the future of Earth.

Welcome to Vertica.

• Full Auto Colt
• 13 Perk-a-Colas
o Jugger-Nog (WaW)
o Double Tap 2.0 (BO2)
o Speed Cola (WaW)
o Quick Revive [Solo / Co-op] (BO1)
o Mule Kick (BO1)
o Stamin-Up (BO1)
o PHD Flopper (BO1)
o Deadshot Daiquiri (BO1)
o Tombstone Soda (BO2)
o Who’s Who (BO2)
o Vulture Aid (BO2)
o Electric Cherry (BO2)
o Widow’s Wine (BO3)
• No Perk Limit
• Origins Pack-a-Punch
• Double Pack-a-Punch
• 14 Custom Guns
o XR2 (BO3)
o ICR-1 (BO3)
o KN-44 (BO3)
o Dingo (BO3)
o FFAR (BO3)
o Sheiva (BO3)
o VMP (BO3)
o Vesper (BO3)
o Bootlegger (BO3)
o Weevil (BO3)
o Pharo (BO3)
o MR6 (BO3)
o Apothican Servant (BO3)
o Ray Gun Mark 2 (BO2)
o Mustang and Sally (BO1)
• Hitmarkers
• “Five” Style Zombies
• Zombie Counter
• Buildable Mystery Box
• Buyable Endgame
• Nuketown 2025 Character Models
• Verruckt Sprinters
• No Dogs
• Custom Font
• Custom Powerups
o Unlimited Ammo
o God Mode

HarryBo21 – Perks, Pack-a-Punch, Ray Gun Mark 2, Mustang and Sally
PROxFTW – Hitmarkers
Dust – Zombie Counter
alaurenc9 – Endgame Switch
DidUknowiPwn – Custom Font
shippuden1592 – “Five” Style Zombies, ICR-1, KN-44, Haymaker, XR2, Apothican Servant
KDXDARK – Custom Powerups
BYZMODZ – Buildable Mystery Box
KhelMho – Nuketown 2025 Character Models
UGX Rorke – MR6
Killer Potato – FFAR
the115 – Dingo

Weapon Credits:
Bootlegger, VMP, Vesper, Weevil:
– BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith” = Uv’ing, Converting the anims & Models “Original claimer”.
– DamianoTBM = Supplying me the weapon assests like sounds,models and anims.
– DTZxPorter = Wraith.
– dr.Squidbot = T7 – T5 Rig.
– Treyarch = Really Cool Anims & Models.
– Scobalula = Tut.
I feel i should give some credit to :
– Cod wiki + Marvel : For the weapon stats.

ICR-1, KN-44, Haymaker, XR2, Sheiva, Pharo:
DTZxPorter –> Wraith.
Dr.Squidbot –> T7 – T5 Rig.
Scobalula/Tito/Ricos/Jerri13/natesmithzombies –> Models & Help

Apothican Servant:


-DamianoTBM: Massive help with the port
-DTZxPorter: Wraith
-DrLilRobot: T7-T5 Convertion Rig
-Scobalula: Maya add-on for anims
-Call of Duty Wiki: Stats
-Treyarch: Models,anims,sounds

DTZxPorter | For Wraith
Dr. Lilrobot | for sas viewhands
Ricos | for making the port



Der Riese New Realism Version

Der Riese New Realism Version
By: BluntStuffy

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

Not really a Der Riese remake, but more a reimagination of the old classic. The layout is very similar, but there are a few twists and new areas to explore as well!
Follow the quest to dive into an adventure traveling between different dimensions, finding yourself at the gates of hell fighting off the evil horde!
Travel between the normal and the hell dimension, playing in two completely different looking maps in the same game!

This map requires T4M and it runs the Realism 3.0 mod, allowing you to level up your character and weapons and upgrade them while you progress.

T4M download: https://callofdutyrepo.com/2018/07/14/t4m/

After installing the map, run the mod named ‘New Realism’ to load the map!

Super special thanks to:
Tomikaze  –  The evil mastermind himself!  <3 None of these Realism maps, or even the new-realism mod itself would not have existed without you! It was insanely fun comming up with all the ideas and maps, and talking everything through.

You can fully customize the game settings from easy to insane, and turn special features on/off to play the game the way you want to! Choose between 5 different character classes (Medic, Assault, Tank, Breacher & Demolitionist), pick a starting weapon and unlock achievements to earn ways to customize your weapon and or character!The mod features about 50 guns, and each weapon has attachments for you to unlock by getting kills with that weapon. Other features of the mod are:

-BO3 panzer soldat

-Nova Crawlers

-Special zombies ( Kamikaze and Acid )

-Supply drops ( going from just points to OP special weapons, sentry guns and guard dogs )

-Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane and Realism difficulty ( last two are unlocked by prestiging ). Realism mode has no health regeneration, and plays more like an old fashionate shooter like Doom or Quake.

-Stat tracking: The Zombie Realism Mod 3.0 keeps track of just about every stat you can think of allowing you to know exactly how you are doing at all times. Wanna know how many headshots you got this game, how many times you’ve hit the mystery box, how many explosive kills you got, perks bought, downs, revives, boss kills, and many more…we keep track of all of it for you.

-Lots of smaller features like a viewmodel ammo-counter for some guns, dual wield guns (sync fire) with 3rd person anims, 4 different grenade types, custom wall buys, bo3 style pause menu, zombies can spawn in gibbed and where WaW models allow it multiple gibbing is possible and lots, lots more!!


(pretty much the Realism Mod 3.0 credits, as i did most of the mapping work myself)

MOD Credits:

Treminaor – thanks for a custom version of the UGX installer! As well as scripting help in the past and the use of the UGX-style points HUD.

UGX in general

ElTitoPricus – the player models and viewhands and also responsible for doing 90% of the weapons for this mod. Huge thanks!

MAKECENTS – tons of scripting help/advice and being an awesome and helpful guy in general!

Offthewall – dual wield viewmodel-fx, dual wield Deagle’s, some scripting help and helping out with 3rd person animations.

Whippytrout – superhero model, maya/rigging help and again being an incredibly good guy and helpful person in general!

StevieWonder87 – weapons, help and ideas and allowing us to use his map Industrial Estate for the Realism Mod! Also, going through all the pain of adapting the map for us while not even being actively modding (waw) anymore. Thanks dude!

RadimaX – made the custom menu backgrounds.

CHN – made the walking animation script, and again always being willing to help out.

DUKIP – Helped with better understanding menu scripting.

DTZxPorter and Modme and it’s tools

Aiden, Ray1235 and Scobalula for the Maya 2012 tools.

Zeroy – for the good old scripting reference.

Tudark – acid-zombie model

Mod testers:

JiffyNoodles & Nathiri – These guys are freakin’ heroes; they have tested so many versions of this mod that I am happy they still wanna talk to me : ) Their feedback was absolutely crucial to the success of this mod.

Rutenguten – mod testing

PSNtoonjuice – mod testing

ZE~Skullcrusher – mod testing

Match-Maker – mod testing

Mann – mod testing

MajorPwnege01 – mod testing

NateTheGreat987 – mod testing

MZslayer11 – mod testing

Conn6orsuper117 – mod testing

Hensot – Mod testing

Mxtxm – mod testing

TTjay123 – mod testing



The One Window (T4M Version)

The One Window (T4M Version)
By: cristian_morales

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

I’m sorry i’m posting this now, but i was scrolling through my files when i saw this map again, ‘TheOneWindow’ i was actually trying to fix it, and i occasionally focused my time on another thing and so i stopped. its not finished, there’s no eastereggs ..well there’s some mini-eastereggs there. i added a new zombie round it may be bugged, so be aware.
i took off those dam nova crawlers, it really bugged out the game. so enjoy, i may or may not finish the map, well let’s see.

Credits: ~ woudn’t make this without them

Tom-BMX: Applications and Tools

HarryBo21 and his team: Perks


– All WaW Weapons and some Black Ops 1 Weapons
– Bo1, Bo2, and Bo3 Perks
– New Nuked round

– More Graphical Setting included ( can now change shadow and specular settings )

– FOV slider


Moon Wasteland (Moon Remake)

Moon Wasteland (Moon Remake)
Version: Unfinished By: cristain_morales

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

This is my last Custom Zombies Map ​​​​im going to Upload, im quitting. You see, i don’t have alot of time to make maps, even tho it’s fun. Thank you all for downloading my maps. This is a 6 month old map i worked on, it’s UNFINISHED by the way. so there may be various bugs.

Size: 150mb

Requirements: ~ Need this before playing
T4M file

Credits: ~ woudn’t make this without them
Tom-BMX: Applications and Tools
UGX Rorke: Bo1 Weapons 

– Black Ops 1 Weapons & Pack-A-Punched
– 3 Perks
– Space Dynamics
– Astronaut Boss Zombie
– Wasteland Time Counter
– Earth Explosion included ( Look for a terminal on the moon for explosion )
– More Graphical Setting included ( can now change shadow and specular settings )
– FOV slider and Zombie Counter


Habitat (New Realism 3.0)

Habitat (New Realism 3.0)
By: Avalebor

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

Attention! Before installing the card, delete the old “New_Realism” folder (if you have one) from the “mods” folder.
Note: this card requires T4M !!!

BluntStuffy – Realism Mod 3.0 Standalone
Herminio – Habitat model map
asus89 – foliage bo2_mlv_nt_tree_ficus_lrg_01
degaredead – wattle models
nukem – easy_teleporter script



The One Window

The One Window
By: cristian_morales

Warning!! If you are playing coop on your second teleport only the host can teleport. If you both teleport the other player/players will get stuck in the pap area.

Old map i made, has fun easteregg  :nyan:

You teleported into a strange universe, you wonder room to room to last long on hordes of the undead coming out a single window.

– Original World At War weapons
– No perk limit
– has a Main easteregg
– Additional Nova crawlers and hell hounds
– Space + gold Suit easteregg

Before playing you need to install t4m on to your cod waw root folder due to fx/sound limit precache.
If the solo button doesn’t work, type “/map OneWindowChallenge” on console. To acess console use the ‘~’ key. Check settings to turn on console option if not working.

Harrybo21 & his team – HaryBo21 Perks v5.0
OnlineX420   – Map testing
Fusorf           – BO3 Perk shaders

Cristian Morales – Creator of the map.

My YouTube Channel:



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