Moon Wasteland (Moon Remake)


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Moon Wasteland (Moon Remake)
By: cristain_morales

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

This is my last Custom Zombies Map ​​​​im going to Upload, im quitting. You see, i don’t have alot of time to make maps, even tho it’s fun. Thank you all for downloading my maps. This is a 6 month old map i worked on, it’s UNFINISHED by the way. so there may be various bugs.

Size: 150mb

Requirements: ~ Need this before playing
T4M file

Credits: ~ woudn’t make this without them
Tom-BMX: Applications and Tools
UGX Rorke: Bo1 Weapons 

– Black Ops 1 Weapons & Pack-A-Punched
– 3 Perks
– Space Dynamics
– Astronaut Boss Zombie
– Wasteland Time Counter
– Earth Explosion included ( Look for a terminal on the moon for explosion )
– More Graphical Setting included ( can now change shadow and specular settings )
– FOV slider and Zombie Counter


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