The One Window

The One Window
By: cristian_morales

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Warning!! If you are playing coop on your second teleport only the host can teleport. If you both teleport the other player/players will get stuck in the pap area.

Old map i made, has fun easteregg  :nyan:

You teleported into a strange universe, you wonder room to room to last long on hordes of the undead coming out a single window.

– Original World At War weapons
– No perk limit
– has a Main easteregg
– Additional Nova crawlers and hell hounds
– Space + gold Suit easteregg

Before playing you need to install t4m on to your cod waw root folder due to fx/sound limit precache.
If the solo button doesn’t work, type “/map OneWindowChallenge” on console. To acess console use the ‘~’ key. Check settings to turn on console option if not working.

Harrybo21 & his team – HaryBo21 Perks v5.0
OnlineX420   – Map testing
Fusorf           – BO3 Perk shaders

Cristian Morales – Creator of the map.

My YouTube Channel:



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