Zombie Vacant

Zombie Vacant
By: [HOG]Rampage Version: 3

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Website: Hog-hq.com
Release Date: 2009/08/05
Details:Zombie Vacant v3 contains several new features and changes:

– Outside playable area (find the key first to be able to open the main door)
– Two mounted Type 92 machine guns to outside area
– New zombie types: Shock zombies and Flame zombies
– Hell hounds and zombies in same rounds!
– Lots of secrets throughout the map
– Perks dropped by zombies will now only give you that perk for a random time of 30-60 seconds
– Buyable satchel charges
– New secret weapon: Advanced 30Cal + Bipod (requires you have a 30Cal + bipod before you can upgrade to it)
– And More!

Game: Call of Duty: World at War
Gametypes Supported: Single Player, CO-OP

Special Thanks to:

Special Notes: Please report any bugs to: [email protected]


Once in the main menu, select “mods”> “nazi_zombie_vac” > “Launch”.

Once the game loads again in mods, you can select the level from the Co-op menu or play singleplayer by typing:

/map nazi_zombie_vac
In the console.

Launch “mods” > “nazi_zombie_vac”.

Then go to co-op and select the nazi_zombie_vac from the maplist.

(all players wishing to connect must load the same mod”)



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