Nazi Zombie Maze V2

Nazi Zombie Maze Pack
Version: 2 By: Wizzaed-Of_Ozz

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Maze_v2 now consists of 3 Maps with the following

Maze – Modified Original:

33 Random walls that alter the maze
14 buyable weapons on the walls, they are randomly accessible.
3 Perks (Jugger, Revive and Sleight). They are Bottles that are in the wall.
1 Ceiling that comes down
Environmental Elements

Maze 2:

50 Random Doors opening and closing
Buyable Weapons
4 Perks (Jugger, Revive, Sleight and DoubleTap)
2 Spiked wall Rooms

Maze 3:

49 Random Locking Automated Doors
15 Teleport Pods
2 Toyboxes

Common Elements to both maps
Optional Round Based or Time Based
Random respawn points (not next to your buddy)
ZCT_Mod. (Zombies are Mean and Fast)
Custom Spawner FX
Difficulty Mod (On or Off)
True Zoned Spawning
Cannot Buy Ammo For Weapons
Increasing Weapon Slots As Rounds Advance
Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt and Shi No Numa Anims (except for SNN attacks)

You are dropped into the maze, all alone. Your friends are somewhere in there with you, do you want to hook up, or leave them to draw off the zombies?
You need to watch out, if moving objects hit you, they will hurt/kill you.
Perks are NOT using the Verruckt vending machines.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did testing. If you notice something we missed or an idea, let me know.

[ZCT]Wizzard~Of~Ozz – Map Design, Scripting
[ZCT]X8105 – Custom FX, Spike room design (Map 2)
[ZCT]Ottawolf – Testing/Bug Hunting and Ideas



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