Nazi Zombie Chemplant

Nazi Zombie Chemplant
Version: 1.1 By: Nelwyn

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Chemical Plant is a 10 story building with roof and basement access as possible last stand locations.

Features include:

All perks-a-cola machines with random effect
Flogger on roof
6 location magic box
Custom blockers
Electric zapper defense (reduced timer to 60 seconds from 90 seconds on SNN)
Lots of custom sound effects
Custom textures
Easter egg sounds with no hint trigger like SNN (Family Guy related)
Climbing zombies
Acid pool with Ray Gun buyable (need jugger to survive long enough)
All SNN weapons including Wunderwaffe
Panzershark XG-14 custom weapon (fires a slow shark for very high explosive damage, higher than ray gun – Limit 1 in magic box but also buyable)
Modified zombie script so there are more per level than in stock maps
You cannot use the ammo cheat on this. It will simply do nothing.


v1.1 Fixes include

Fixed jumping out window
Fixed game ending when falling off roof sometimes
Fixed magic box on level 2 having sideways weapons
Streamlined scripts and reduced size about 9 MB

Known issues:

You can see through some stairways
Black spots near mountains
No “alarm” sound when flogger or electric barrier is ready
No sounds for flogger
Muffled shooting sounds for Browning


Special thanks to all the beta testers who helped make this possible!

I hope you enjoy this release as much as I had making it. Feel free to add me on Xfire or friends list in the game as Nelwyn and enjoy my first release.  



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