Nazi Zombie Rtd

Nazi Zombie Rtd
By: Rampage_619

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Dempsey: Here we are guys the place Commander told us about.
Nikolai: this place looks deserted.
Dempsey: yes, the people who lived here evacuated this place for some reason. we are here to find that out.
Takeo: why is it always us, why not the other guys.
Dempsey: Commander trusts us more that anyone else.
Nikolai: Richtofen what are looking for.
Richtofen: here there is a hand print on the wall, i wonder what is that?
Nikolai: look at this radio we can call help from this radio
Takeo: guys i think we have company.
Nikolai: look at this electric current from nowhere.
( waaaah)
Dempsey: what the hell is that a human? good thing we shot it. hey doc take a look at this.
Richtofen: this is bad… this is bad i say. this is not a ordinary person, he has been mutated.
Takeo: get your weapons out we have more coming through this window.
Dempsey: we got only a couple here. Find the mystery box!!

Fight for life.

– Risers
– Electric and Fire zombies (credit goes for HOGRampage)
– Zappers
– Zipline
– Perk-a-cola
– Random Box
– Zombie Climbers

This is my first map so plz Go easy on me. hope you guyz like it. and there is a meteor in this map (looks weird but i tried)
Every hand print you see can help you.

I would love to thank all the members of for helping me to fix all my error and bring this map out successfully.



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