Nazi Zombie Rage 2

Nazi Zombie Rage 2
Version: 2 By: Gbomb

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Nazi_zombie_rage2 (version 2) is a large scale zombie map, it is an update of the map rage2.  Your goal is to defend the train terminal from the hordes of zombie intruders!   Nazi_zombie_rage2 is based on the WaW multiplayer map ‘Station’. There are several playing areas and tons of things to explore and open. Good luck! General Gbomb

– Lots of unlockable rooms and doors
– Perk-a-Cola machines
– Power switch and Electroshock Defense
– Mounted machine gun
– Bouncing Betty
– Lots of special effects

Additions to new map version:

-Juggernaut added, but hidden and tough to reach.
-Zombie risers.
-Additional FX’s.
-Additional sounds and easter eggs.
-More rooms to open.
-More spawns.
-Custom zombies.
-Fixed past broken spawns.
-Zapper shows when on.
-Overheat mountable mg.
-Expanded detail and more.



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