Nazi Zombie Village 3

Nazi Zombie Village 3
By: Gbomb

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nazi_zombie_village3 is a large scale zombie map. From my original maps Village and Village2, the village is once again being ravaged by the zombie hordes! Although the name is the same the map is totally changed. I’ve added lots of new features to keep it crazy. All new playing areas to open and explore. Village3 offers all the best features of Shi No Numa.

The Storyline:
You’re the last few survivors left in a war torn German village. You and your companions have found a perfect spot to hide out. Or so you thought, it quickly becomes obvious that your location has be found. At first you feel you can hold off the undead ones in this location, but as more show you decide to make your run for somewhere new. But where can you hide?

The mission:
Work your way through the war torn buildings and if you can survive long enough, find your way to the streets. If your lucky enough to make the fountain, you’ll have four streets to choose from for your escape. Pick the right buildings to open and you’ll find weapons and defenses to support your battle. Choose wrong and new entrances will open and help lead to your demise.



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