Nazi Zombie Villa

Nazi Zombie Villa
By: Gbomb

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This map is frankly original, it takes place in a house with a garden, the difficulty will be there, already the zombies are much more resistant, it will stab you 4 from the first round for example, but in addition, all the 5 rounds so round 5, round 10 … will be 3 zombies called zombie boss, they are therefore very very resistant and require incredible cooperation to destroy them, plan the panzershreck, ptrs41 and laser.

The Basics: You find yourself in the courtyard of a fancy Villa in the explosive barrel capital of the world. There are seriously tons of exploding barrels to shoot or ‘nade for your entertainment. You’ll need to open your way through this house in order to get something other than first tier guns. But beware of the basement which houses a dark secret…

What We Like: What impressed me about this map was the variety of rounds that it puts you through. There are speed rounds, headshot only rounds, boss rounds and normal rounds. The fact that the only way to get decent guns is by going into the Villa is an interesting idea. Also, the basement of horrific murder and imminent doom is a fun place to make a last stand in. Don’t forget, if you make crawlers the next round can still start without the zombies dying; so don’t think that will save you. There is also a balcony area that you can camp and then jump off of when you get overrun.

What We Didn’t Like: This map has no perks, just standard WAW guns, no easter egg or anything custom on the map, so if you hate first gen maps you may not like this one.

Final Word:  This map may look primitive and like there is nothing original here, but I would encourage everyone to give it a chance and don’t be turned off by it’s lack of “features”. With all the round based challenges that this map throws your way it is easy to have a good time for a long time.



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