Nazi Zombie Core

Nazi Zombie Core
By: deleon78

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This is my 1st map.
Been playing zombie mods since the start so thought it’s about time I created one of my own.

This map will be a very different visually with many unique visual elements.

Inspired by zct basement.. and influences from science fiction and horror films; and a pretty creative imagination.

It will be in the original Nacht Der Untoten. So It can be used with the tower defence and modern weapons and zct mods… The map also has custom music triggered by player in game, so you can choose to use it or not. Also custom blocker/doors & custom breakable blockers. All zombies are currently sprinters.

Also you’ll have to to hunt for many entries into new areas as I’ve blended buyable blockers into the walls etc.

Brief description of map style:
I’m trying to give off a sci fi/horror/claustrophobic edge.
A lot to explore.
On multi-levels.
One of the largest maps I’ve seen in Nazi Zombies.

It’s likely to be one of a kind.



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